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'The Voice's' Adam Levine hates this country? Hallmark Duck Dynasty cards? James Lipton a pimp?


Adam Levine hates this country?


Adam Levine is in some serious hot water after a seriously stupid comment he made after a recent episode of The Voice.Photo: www.wetpaint.com


During the show’s live telecast this past Thursday, Levine was apparently uber ticked that 2 of his contestants—Sarah Simmons and Judith Hill—were booted from the show, leaving Amber Carrington behind to continue on the show.


So, what did he say?  Well, it wasn’t an expletive as you might expect.  Instead, he was heard making the odd and very unpatriotic comment, “I hate this country.”


Say what?!


After a lot of backlash, Levine has decided to reach out via NBC and try and smooth things over.


“I obviously love my country very much and my comments last night were made purely out of frustration. Being a part of The Voice, I am passionately invested in my team and want to see my artists succeed. Last night’s elimination of Judith and Sarah was confusing and downright emotional for me and  my comments were made based on my personal dissatisfaction with the results.  I am very connected to my artists and know they have long careers ahead, regardless of their outcome on the show.”


Could this kill his career?  Only time will tell.


Hallmark Duck Dynasty cards?


When you’re looking for Father’s Day cards, you usually see a lot of the same themes—fishing, grilling, tools, etc.  This year, you’ll find something a little different when perusing Hallmark’s finest.


The brand has teamed up with A&E to create a line of Father’s Day cards featuring, wait for it, Duck Dynasty.


I’m not sure if you can exactly call it a line since it is only three cards, but each will feature the super hairy Robertson men and fun messages.


The cards aren’t in stores just yet. But starting June 3rd, you’ll be able to find them in select Walmart stores.


The 3rd season finale of Duck Dynasty just ended on April 24th.  But, don’t worry, they are currently filming the show’s fourth season so you can get your Robertson on sometime in the near future.

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James Lipton a pimp?Photo: Best Week Ever- www.vh1.com


If you’ve ever watched Inside the Actors Studio, then you know who James Lipton is.  He doesn’t seem as if he’d be terribly interesting or have a sordid past, but looks can be deceiving.  So much so, in fact, then you would probably never in a million years ever guess what job he used to have.


Now this one is a shocker—he was once a pimp!


No, I am not joking.  According to an interview in Parade, during the 50’s he lived in France and made a living as a pimp.


“It was only a few years after the war,” he explained.  “Paris was different then, still poor.  Men couldn’t get jobs and, in the mal chauvinist Paris of that time, the women couldn’t get work at all.  It was perfectly respectable for them to go into le milieu [prostitution].”


Lipton befriended one of these women, and upon explaining to her that he’d have to leave because of money issue, she hooked him up with a job representing a “whole bordello” and he helped business boom.





Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.

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