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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Episode 21 Recap: “She’s Come Undone”


In this episode of The Vampire Diaries, the Salvatore Brothers have had enough with Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) refusal to turn her emotion switch back on; and by using any means necessary, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) toil to bring the old Elena back.

Don’t Stop Believing

We start off with what appears to be a dream sequence of Elena walking into school. Damon decides to pull a Silas and get into Elena’s head to show her all the things she’d be missing out on by not caring. While the brothers continue to endeavor ways to provoke her emotional response, Damon and Stefan lock Elena inside of an old safe. Still the loyal friend that she is, Caroline (Candice Accola) begs Stephan to let her try to talk some sense into Elena herself. Assuming a small bribe of blood would do the trick it only motivated Elena to use reverse psychology to make the situation about Caroline’s love triangle between, Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Photo: CW

Meanwhile at Mystic Grill, Rebekah (Claire Holt) runs into Matt (Zach Roerig) and vents of how she no longer has the cure to become the human she desperately longs to be. While she’s still new to this whole compassion thing, she fails to show empathy when it comes to Elena’s recovery. Wondering where Bonnie has been missing, Caroline asks if she can put her feelings aside and help Elena as well. Making an excuse that she is studying for finals, Bonnie (Kat Graham) meets up with Katherine (Dobrev) to talk about her decision to help Silas.

Burning Love

Back at the Salvatore house, Elena awakens to find herself tied to a share in the middle of the living room where Damon and Stephan play a game of good cop/bad cop. The brothers decide to use pain as a trigger to turn her emotion back on. Without her daylight ring, she is at risk of turning into a piece of vampire jerky if she doesn’t cooperate with Damon and Stefan’s approach. But since she has yet to be any less stubborn, she finds herself in a hot situation. Knowing what it’s like to be in Elena’s position, Damon tries to be a bit sympathetic with Elena. Trying to avoid hearing her best friend writhing in pain, Caroline asks Matt to distract her by talking about something else. Soon they see Rebekah making an attempt to redeem herself (again) with burgers. As a way to show she wants to care, Rebekah volunteers to help Matt with his school work since he is failing. 

As Caroline heads home to get study materials for Matt, she runs into Klaus. Back at the diner, Bonnie tells Katherine she needs Silas’ tombstone for Silas plan to die. Confused of why Bonnie would take his side, she explains she is buying time for what we assume is to use his plot against him. Of course for Katherine to ever do any kind of “favor” there has to something in it for her as well. Since she’s lost the cure and the one man she’s ever loved (sincerely), she doesn’t have much more to lose at this point.

Still crispy from the sun, Elena’s grown more aggravated and lashes out at Damon for ever being sired to him. “I remember every horrible moment of it. I was so scared that it wasn’t real. Well guess what: it wasn’t,” Elena says to Damon. Tired of their games, Elena breaks free and engulfs herself into the sun. As the brothers rush to distinguish her burning body, Elena makes her point by saying “I am the girl that you love. You wouldn’t do anything to actually hurt me you just proved that.”  Realizing that she’s right, Stefan decides maybe it would be a good idea if Katherine were the one to provoke her emotion. After all, she is the reason for most of her suppressed pain and anguish. Photo: CW

Meanwhile, Caroline and Klaus talk a walk and Klaus asks her to come to New Orleans with him. Before she can even finish how she feels, she discovers Silas is once again playing mind games and getting into Caroline’s head. He threatens her life if she does not find Bonnie for him, since she’s been MIA for a few days ever since she agreed to help him. Rebekah tries to help Matt by offering to compel him good grades so he does not have to risk the chance of falling behind with his friend. The noble person that he is Matt refuses to take her offer.  When Katherine walks into the room, it is obvious she has agreed to interrogate Elena; however Matt is not particularly thrilled of this decision.

Still deep into the woods, Caroline awakens and runs into multiple illusions of Silas. Frantic to get home, Caroline calls her mom (Marguerite MacIntyre) telling her to not let anyone inside of the house. As Katherine enjoys making Elena suffer, she soon becomes hit as well with Elena’s mind games to draw the focus off of her. Not amused to be beaten at her own game Katherine no longer is interested in “saving” Elena’s humanity and leaves her cell unlocked.  Freaked out by Elena’s escape, the group runs to find where she’s run off to. Confused by Silas’ games, Caroline struggles to depict whether or not her mom is actually her mom. Matt finds Elena in the woods, where she rushes to attack him.

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The Flood Gates Open

Trying to talk her out of making a mistake, Matt tries to confide in Elena. Still thirsty from snacking on her oldest friend, Elena attempts to finish him off for more blood. Bonnie yells to tell Caroline that her mother is actually Silas where her real mother lies injured in the living room. Silas is fed up with Bonnie hiding from him and threatens the life of the friends if she does not cooperate.  Back in the woods, Damon steps into and is fed up trying to aid Elena the nice way and threatens to kill Matt if she doesn’t smarten up. Knowing that Damon never bluffs, he instantly snaps his neck and we see the devastation rush through Elena. Luckily for Matt, Damon was smart enough to use the Gilbert ring to revive him. Completely overwhelmed by her suppressed emotion, Elena breaks down. Stefan tries to get her to focus on one thing at a time. “I’m not okay, but I’ll get better,”  Elena says to herself. Almost convinced her mother is gone for good, she wakes up alive and well at the last minute of hope.

Finally awake from having his neck snapped in half, Matt sees Rebekah waiting for his revival. Impressed by his effort to help Elena, Rebekah promises to do whatever she needs to do to help him with school. Later, Bonnie offers that she has the power to make Katherine just as immortal as Silas if she helps her. Still numb from turning on her switch, Elena decides the only way to end any future suffering is to kill Katherine.

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