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Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con 2013: My first time!


When I was first asked if I wanted to go to this year’s Wizard World Comic Con, I wasn’t sure what to say.  Would I like it?  Would there be anything there for me?  One quick look at the website and I knew I would and there would be.  


You see, I don’t think of myself as a fan girl or a geek, but I do enjoy a few TV shows that some would consider to fall under those categories.  I have a (minor??) infatuation with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the show, certainly not the movie), Supernatural, Charmed, Pretty Little Liars, The Following, and more.  So when I saw that some stars from some of those shows would be there, my curiosity was definitely piqued.  And by piqued I mean that I felt my geek flag raise up slightly and start swaying in the breeze.


The thought of getting to meet some of the stars of my favorite shows got me more than a little excited for Comic Con, as did the thought of getting to see self-proclaimed geeks decked out in all their geeky best.  I secretly hoped to see at least one person courageous enough to venture out in full body paint—and I wasn’t disappointed. But, I digress…


So, the day finally came for me to head into the city, meet up with Joe Vallee, and get my geek on with my husband and two friends in tow.  We weren’t in the city more than five minutes before I spotted my first gaggle of costumed attendees.  Score!


And then we got inside.  


Snowball's Chance Ad




























While I was expecting most of the crowd to be in costume, there were quite a few less than that actually done up to the hilt.  But those who were did it right!  I even loved that the lobby held a table for those with weapons to check-in said weapons to make sure they were safe.  What made everything even better was how friendly the attendees were.  No one was rude.  No one ran us down or cut in line.  And those in seriously awesome costumes had no problem stopping so strangers could snap a pic or two with them.Holly Marie Combs


Ok…so on to the part that really got me excited—the celebs. I made it my mission to meet at least one person from a fave show and started with Holly Marie Combs.  Ms. Combs is so nice!  She had no problem chatting with me for a few minutes, nor did she mind posing for a quick pic.  Although, she wouldn’t tell me what was in the trunk!!  PLL fans will get that one!


Next I tried hitting up James Marsters’ booth.  His handlers were super nice and agreed to let me take a pic.  But, after scanning the large crowd of people who had been waiting for hours to see him, I realized that I just couldn’t walk in front of all of them and make them wait any longer.  I stood to the side and let my husband take a pic for me.  Good enough, although meeting him would have been amazingly awesome!  Maybe next time…


As this was all happening Charisma Carpenter walked out and I was able to walk straight up to her.  Not only is she beautiful, she is also friendly and charming and I could have stood there all day shooting the breeze and talking Buffy with her.  But I left so others could have their chance with her, too.


Now here is where things went a little down hill.  I saw that Andrew McCarthy’s booth was open and wanted to see if I could get a pic of him or even just talk to him for a bit.  I mean, he’s an 80’s icon, someone from my childhood, and it would have been pretty cool.  Yeah, no.  He seemed annoyed that I was even trying to talk to him, let alone take a pic of him, and he didn’t seem ashamed to let me know so.  So, guess what Mr. McCarthy, next time I see a movie or show with you in it on TV, I will be changing the channel!!  I guess that explains why there was no line…Shawn Ashmore



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Within two minutes things were definitely redeemed thanks to the amazing Shawn Ashmore (aka Mike Weston from The Following). He was nice, seemed to be happy to chat with me, and not only agreed to a pic, but posed for me.  A truly nice guy who definitely deserves the accolades!


In addition to getting to meet some really cool celebrities and ogling others from afar, I also got my pic taken in the Batmobile and General Lee, had fun watching my hubby and our friend pose with the DeLorean from Back to the Future, met some friendly and talented artists, did a lot of people watching, browsed some fun and unique products, and had an all around great day.


I have to say, when I left there my geek flag was at full mast, flying high for all to see and still is. If given the chance I definitely won’t hesitate to attend next year’s Comic Con and would suggest that you do, too.  Because, trust me, you don’t have to be a full-fledged geek to have a good time with some really great people.



Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.

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