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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5 Recap “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”


Blood-Red White & Blue


In this grueling episode of The Vampire Diaries, triumph, murder, and betrayal sets the overall tone. Photo credit: CW


Just when Stefan (Paul Wesley) finally gets closer to moving on with his life, he (like always) gets hit with a curve ball. Ivy (Emily C. Chang), who is now a newbie vampire, instantly becomes Stephan’s responsibility, (or at least until he pawns her off to Caroline).


After gaining “new” information on her and Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Elena (Nina Dobrev) still seems to be in one piece, showing no interest on Alaric (Matthew Davis) regaining her full memory. 


She proves this by casually inviting Liam (Marco James) to the Homecoming Corn Maze Party. 


Even though Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Damon have the information they need to get back home, Kai regrets to inform any further information on the spell.  


Caroline (Candice Accola) is livid that Stefan would leave her as Ivy’s babysitter during the Homecoming party. Although Ivy’s senses are incredibly heightened, it doesn’t take a vampire to acknowledge Caroline’s feelings towards Stefan.

Since season one, we’ve learned control is definitely the hardest challenge after being turned. Ivy expresses this challenge all too well. After snapping Caroline’s neck due to a lack of boredom, she finds herself overly confident, causing her to harm an innocent.


Bonnie comes to a realization that Kai (Chris Wood) has been bluffing this entire time. The only way they are going home is if Bonnie casts the spell herself. Now that they no longer need him, Bonnie takes matters into her own hands by killing him.



Torches Photo credit: CW


Alaric tries (once again) to woo the eyes of Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). Third time seems to be the charm.


It’s not a party unless someone is brutally injured. Poor Tyler (Michael Trevino) gets to be the lucky one to hit Ivy’s victim causing him to swerve into the corn maze. To add more fuel to the fire, if anyone dies from the accident, he’s a werewolf all over again. Also, not only did Tyler hit one person, he injured several, leaving Elena to figure out how to save him.


Liam helps as well, using the skills he’s learned on campus. Elena however, decides to just use her life saving blood instead. Unfortunately for her, an eyebrow soon becomes raised when Liam discovers a walking, talking innocent that should not have made it alive.  


Liv, who’s shown quite the interest to Tyler, decides to grant him a life by taking one. Instead of Tyler being the one to kill Ivy’s victim, Liv steps in and does it herself. Safe to say the traditional public displays of affection just aren’t what they used to be.


Caroline fails to wrap her head around how selfish Stefan is being after she discovers he had no intention of ever returning. It’s clear the loss of Damon has hit him hard and his only solution is to walk away.



Halfway There


Before Caroline can find Ivy (and problem snap her neck) she is abducted by Tripp (Colin Ferguson) the vampire hunter.


It’s the final countdown, and Bonnie is ready to send her and Damon back home. But as always, happy endings never come easy. Kai turns out to be alive. Guessing his coven assumed he’d try killing himself, they bound his ability to completely end his life.

Kai daggers Bonnie, only allowing her enough strength to save Damon. The episode ends with Stefan alone, defeated and miserable. For the first time, he actually admits how much he misses Damon. Luckily for him, he no longer has to.

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