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'The Vampire Diaries' Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: "Fade into You"


It’s Thanksgiving on The Vampire Diaries, and as usual, things will not being going as planned.


We start off with a terrifying flashback of Kai (Chris Wood) attempting to kill half of his family. On a more less dramatic note, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Caroline (Candice Accola) host “friendsgiving.” Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Alaric (Matthew Davis), and Stefan (Paul Wesley) confess they will be a no show, but show good reason since they are now aware that Bonnie (Kat Graham) is still alive (Can’t really argue with that excuse). Photo credit: CW


From what it seems, Kai tries to make amends with Bonnie by taking her cross-country at his childhood home to cook a Thanksgiving meal. Still skeptical of his actions, Bonnie proposes they just agree to disagree and go their separate ways.


It’s the twins’ birthday, and while everyone is at the dinner table, Luke (Chris Brochu) shares an old family video. The sound of Jo’s (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) voice is heard which prompts her to confess that she is in fact kin to Liv (Penelope Mitchell) and Luke. In the midst of all of this confusion, the guys find themselves at Jo and Kai’s childhood home (present day). They are soon greeted by their father, who puts a cloaking spell on Damon (I guess after having one of your children try murder their entire family, one wouldn’t be too trusting).


Liv and Luke share why their family imprisoned their brother. Apparently, “twitches” are born to be leaders, however when Kai realized he could never lead their coven, he took matters into his own hands and attempted to kill Liv and Luke. Luckily, Jo created a spell to protect them, though their parents decided it would be best to send him to an eternal prison.  


If things weren’t already bad, in order for their to be a leader at all, the twins have to merge absorbing the power of the other, since only one can truly lead the coven. Tyler (Michael Trevino) tries to console Liv after confessing this horrible reality, but once again she pushes him away. Nevertheless, Tyler does come up with a clever way to at least stall her coven, by taken her to magic-less Mystic Falls.


Back in Casa de Gemini, Jo and Kai’s dad tells the guys that he refuses to give them the key to his prison in order to free Bonnie, for it will risk Kai escaping. If Kai does escape, he will try to absorb Jo’s powers. So just to be sure, he tries killing Jo. Kai may not have  been lying when telling Bonnie that his dad cared more about the coven than his own children.


However, before we let our guards down completely, when Bonnie reveals what she did with her magic, it allowed Kai to figure out where his sister did with hers. He finds the knife Jo hid that contains all of her magic and stabs Bonnie- since the only thing else needs is Bennett blood to complete the spell. Bonnie is left wounded with a message from Kai (“I lied”). Didn’t need to leave a note to figure that one out Kai.


It’s not the Vampire Diaries without a sappy monologue or two. Stefan tries to apologize to Caroline for letting her down, but it looks as if she still isn’t having it (Poor Stefan).

Damon admits to Elena during his time in 1994, he grew rather close to Bonnie. Elena admits to Damon that she decided to break up with Liam (Considering they were only official couple for practically a day, I guess it wasn’t too difficult).

I think it’s safe to say in order for Damon to score big with Elena, he really needs to figure out a way to bring Bonnie back.


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