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A real life Valentine pops the question


Does a person really truly know what “true love” is?  In this day and age, I have seen so many throw such an important and precious word around so easily that I have questioned if our society truly knows and understands what it is.  I have even found myself wondering if I know the meaning of true love.

The answer to my question is yes. The meaning of true love is my husband, Chris.

My dear Chris. I sat long and hard about what I was going to do for you for Valentine’s Day. As you know I am the biggest advocate that Valentine’s Day pressure should not just be placed on the guy, but that both people in love should do something magnificent to represent their love for one another.  

I know many out there think that Valentine’s Day is a gimmick; however, there are so many couples out there who are so wrapped up in their hectic lives of children, careers, school and such that this day allows them to take a step back, breathe and look at each other.  Truly look at them.  Close your eyes and take yourself back to the moments you shared that made you fall in love with them.  Remember the first date, the first kiss and the first words spoken.

As this day approaches, I have taken a moment out of my crazy schedule called life and reflected back on all those moments shared with the one true person in my life I have counted on and who has been my soulmate and partner in life.  I remember our first date at Chickie’s and Pete’s when the Flyers were in the playoffs.  Our first Phillies game together, where you got your first taste of my outgoing personality when I drank a little too much Miller Lite and had our entire section up and cheering and yelling at the umpire. I remember our first wedding we attended as a couple, and that awkward moment where I caught the bouquet and everyone looked at you with that “pressure” that we are next. I remember our midnight walks in the snow to Wawa.  

I remember all the midnight showings of the Twilight Saga you attended with me.  I remember the night you drove an hour to my house with coffee and Reese’s when my best friend passed away and you lay with me talking all night just holding me.  I remember how you handled everything at home when my son, Jonathan was in ICU in a diabetic coma.  I remember the first time we knew “A Thousand Years” was our song no matter how many other couples have that song.  I remember the first time I looked into your eyes and knew there were no other eyes I wanted looking back at me, but yours.  

I want you to know how much you truly mean to me.  The sacrifices you make so I can achieve my dreams.  The daily responsibilities you take to help me achieve my dreams.  It has always been you there standing by my side.  We have had many come and go in our life and it has always been us, hand in hand standing next to one another.  When I sat and thought about what I wanted to do for you for Valentine’s Day, I thought, what better way than to put it in writing for all to see of how much you mean to me.  As I began writing this, I was struck with serious writer’s block.  I became frustrated and angry at myself.  I sat back and cleared my head.  I put our song on as a means of inspiration and as the tears came down my face.  

I realized my writer’s block was simply because you cannot put into words our love and how I feel for you because there has been no other love such as ours that there are no words invented to describe it. Our love is unique.

So on this upcoming Valentine’s Day, I am asking you Christopher Stebbins, will you journey this life with me, endure the bad and the good, accept my crazy fan status when it comes to the Phillies and walk this life with me as my husband?  

Will you continue to love me as you have?  

Will you continue to be the amazing husband you are?  

Will you re-marry me in front of all those who matter in our lives and say “I Do” again?  

Karen Stebbins is a mom of four and wife of a loving husband who shares her love of sports (or else she wouldnt have said yes). Karen is an experienced paralegal and freelance writer on a variety of topics. Sports is her passion and her love of the game is undeniable.

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