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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 5 Episode 17 Recap: Rescue Me


In this episode, the gang learns more of what the travelers are up to while gaining more information toward Liv and Luke.


Although Elena (Nina Dobrev) has come to terms with her relationship with Damon (Ian Somerhalder), their sexual chemistry still needs time to phase itself out. Caroline (Candice Accola) and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) head to Atlanta to search for Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) doppelganger. After another strenuous linking spell, they learn that he is a paramedic named Tom Avery (Wesley). The travelers remain to keep Stefan prisoner, until they know for sure that Tom has been killed.


Ignoring the fact that she and Damon still have unresolved issues, Elena heads to attend Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) parent-teacher conference, only to discover Damon has allotted himself as primary caregiver.


Unfortunately for Caroline and Enzo, finding Tom isn’t as easy as they would have hoped. Apparently Tom has been missing for quite some time. In order for them to find out where he could be, the travelers must link Stefan to get more information.Photos: CW


With everything that has been going on, poor Bonnie (Kat Graham) is left to wonder why her boyfriend has been MIA. Little does she know Liv (Penelope Mitchell) needs Jeremy to complete the rest of her and Luke’s secret plan against the travelers. According to Liv, because he is a hunter, the travelers can’t control his mind- which may be very useful for them. He also learns that, because Elena is the last female doppelganger, the travelers will soon come after her for reasons she fails to further explain.


After a bit of digging, Stefan reveals the address of where Tom may be located to Caroline and Enzo. Once they discover Hazel (a witch whom Tom last encountered), Enzo quickly murders her in order to get inside. Moments later, they find Tom- only to discover he is held prisoner and heavily sedated.


While on campus, Luke (Chris Brochu) seems to take an interest in Bonnie for reasons she is unsure of (since he’s not exactly the female type). Just before crossing over to the other side, Hazel tells Bonnie of her “relationship” with Luke.  Now that Hazel is out, Live and Luke must reevaluate their strategy.


Caroline fights with her humanity failing to kill Tom on the spot. If she doesn’t go through with it, the travelers will kill Stefan for not honoring their deal.  Back at Mystic Falls, Liv continues with plan B and attempts to kill Elena. She and Luke assume this will prevent any conflict between the travelers. Damon (like always) steps in saving Elena’s life.Jeremy later comes forth and asks that they keep Liv alive. His role as a hunter has really impacted his life and while he lacks drive at school his main focus is to save the life of his friends and family.


With no more time to waste, Enzo finishes the job and kills Tom. Earlier, he confesses of Maggie. A girl he met when locked away in Augustine. It seems he too has made a deal with the travelers to which involve bringing back the love of his life.


Jeremy makes a deal with Liv and Luke. He promises to help them stop the travelers if they agree to keep Elena safe. Caroline (now back at the junkyard) tells Stefan of how she failed to keep him alive. “You do realize you’re feeling guilty for not being able to kill someone” Stefan tells her.  Stefan knew the entire time she would never kill Tom because it’s just not in her to do something like that.


Elena decides to pack and move back to campus. She realizes that her relationship with Damon has a negative effect on Jeremy. Damon agrees to let her go and Jeremy decides to move in with Tyler and Matt.


Using the blood of Elena and Stefan, travelers begin their spell to bring their leader Markos (Raffi Barsoumian) forth. Still confused about what is going on with Jeremy, Bonnie is now even more confused when a massive squad of travelers come to cross over. Only used to one soul at a time, the impact has left her unconscious. What will be in store for the rest of the group?

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