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Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' video parodied by The Goodness Project in Camden, New Jersey


A message from The Goodness Project:


This winter, during our long, cold days, 12 non-profits began forging a friendship and a partnership that was unprecedented in the city of Camden. Inspired by Pharrell Williams’ "Happy" video, the nonprofits began a campaign for goodness in Camden. There are far too many stories the world hears about the city of Camden centered around drugs, gangs and murder.  


In the midst of a polar vortex, “happiness” started to spread around the city.  Each non-profit identified clients, volunteers, and/or employees who embodied the goodness of their organizations.  Through these happy folks came stories of inspiration, overcoming the tallest of mountains despite all odds.  Amazing children whose smiles will light up a city and transform the way we look at how to help others. Our project isn't just about filming another


You may wonder how to give back to your community, and yet have limited time to get involved because life gets busy. We have created a simple way YOU can show us YOUR goodness: by sharing our video. We release our video in hopes that it will go viral to expand the campaign of goodness for the people and children of Camden.  


Camden has been dubbed the country’s most dangerous city for far too long. Change occurs when we spend less time focusing on the negative and more time on the positive. It's a way of life. Our Goodness Project is part of how we can all join together to show the power of “good.”


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