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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 5 Episode 18 Recap: Resident Evil


Something strange is going on in mystic falls. While the gang deals with the traveler’s crossing over into the other side, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) find themselves trapped in what seems like a fantasy of the perfect life together.

After agreeing to help Liv (Penelope Mitchell) take down the travelers, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) has also failed to include Bonnie (Kat Graham) in his endeavors. Bonnie is later informed by her grandmother (Jasmine Guy) that the other witches are scared of what the travelers may be up to.

Apparently, they are taking over the town locals. It seems that sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) is one of those victims. Luke Parker (Chris Brochu) shows up at the Salvatore mansion to inform the gang that Markos' (Raffi Barsoumian) is the source of Elena and Stefan’s romantic visions. Photos: CW

When Caroline (Candice Accola) notices that her mom hasn’t been returning her messages, Matt (Zach Roerig) looks to see if she may be in any danger. He soon comes to find that Forbes has been spellbound and stabs poor Matt in the neck (thank god for the Gilbert ring). Matt discovers that the other side is not quite as peaceful as it should be. Ever since Markos escaped, spending the afterlife in solitude Is practically obsolete.

While he’s there, he runs into Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) (one of the original vampires). He encourages him to try and remember his experience when he wakes up since normally he loses all memory of crossing over. Matt also reunites with his sister Vicki (Kayla Ewell) who warns him to wake up as soon as possible. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is having a hard time swallowing the idea of Elena and Stefan dreaming of each other, but tries to help the best way he can. Luke shows up to inform the gang that the visions they are having is Markos’ way of creating a map to his location. Each vision has a clue to where he may be.

Damon and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) use the address from one of their fantasies, and to their “surprise” they find Markos. He then takes a minute to story tell, and explain the history of how the travelers came about. When Silas (Wesley) and Qetsiyah (Janina Gavankar) cast the immortality spell, it caused a division between the witches and the Travelers community. The witches then cast a spell that prevents the Travelers from living together in numbers. Doppelganger blood is the only source that can break that spell. In the meantime, this is why they inhabit the bodies of others.

Markos agrees to stop the visions proving they have his trust. Once the visions ended, Elena and Stefan both come to terms that, while their love for each other is now gone, they will always be in each other’s lives.  Damon on the other hand, does not feel the same way. Realizing how hard it is for him to even be friends with Elena, Damon announces that he wants absolutely nothing to do with her.

Now that Forbes is back to her normal self we find that Tyler (Michael Trevino) has now been inhabited by one of the travelers. He hands Markos the last travelers’ life that exists putting into a fire to be destroyed. The lesson of the day: “You can trust me” is the last thing one should ever take as sincerity.

What will happen now that the last Traveler knife has been destroyed? Tune in Tonight to find out.

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