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‘The Vampire Diaries’ shocking Fifth Season Finale Recap!


The moment they’ve all been waiting for (or at least have been trying to prevent) all comes to an end.

We start off with Caroline, (Candice Accola) still devastated by the death of Stefan (Paul Wesley). With no time to grieve, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) rush to find Bonnie (Kat Graham). The fate of everyone lies in her hands, and there is not much time to left to stall. Watching over his friends, Stefan nearly falls into oblivion until a friendly face grabs him before he plummets through. Lexi  (Arielle Kebbel) rushes to save him. Stefan and Lexi search for Alaric (Matthew Davis), since news is spreading that there is a free pass to the land of the living.  

However, the only way this can happen is if Bonnie finds another deceased traveler to teach her Markos’ (Raffi Barsoumian) spell, get Liv to perform it and find a way to kill a ton of travelers in order to overwhelm her. A plan this great needs intense strategy. One by one, the gang completes each part of their plan to bring everyone back. Caroline and Elena team up on Liv (Penelope Mitchell) and Luke (Chris Brochu). Normally Caroline is more of the good cop in a situation like this. However, after witnessing the death of her best friend, Caroline wastes no time to snap Luke’s neck as motivation for Liv. With no other choice, Liv agrees to do the spell. Photos: CW

Next up is finding a traveler. Now that Maria is out of the picture (no thanks to Enzo), he must again find someone willing to teach Bonnie the spell. “Luckily” for her, Stefan’s shadow self Silas (Wesley) is happy to contribute. If we know anything about Silas, his “random acts of kindness” always come with a price. In order for him to teach Bonnie the spell, she must take him back to life as well. Fortunately for Bonnie, she has a trick up her sleeve.

Back at Mystic Falls, Markos proves he means business by demonstrating to Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) that the traveler spell is still in effect. Using Tyler (Michael Trevino) or Julian as their guinea pig, we watch him revert to his final human state. The good news is Julian is no longer passangered inside Tyler; the bad news is Tyler is now dead. He passes through Bonnie and gets a taste of what is left of the other side.

Halfway through their plan, Damon volunteers to take care of the travelers. Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Matt (Zach Roerig) find the main gas line and well (conveniently located under the town) and the rest will soon be history. Damon decides to let Elena know about his suicide mission, which does not go over well. Though he promises he’ll return, it’s obvious Elena can’t just sit and wait. With Sheriff Forbes’ help, she takes down Markos in enough time to alert Damon. Just before he rides off, Elena insists on coming with him. Things get a little Thelma and Louise-ish as they both drive into the Mystic Grill together. The plan works and Elena and Damon are dead. Alaric warns Elena to get back to the other side immediately and goes to find Damon.  

Time is running out and Liv is getting weaker as she continues to chant the spell. Luke and Enzo are the first to pass through and Tyler is next in line to cross, but he soon notices that things are a bit different. He is no longer hybrid. For Tyler, this is most likely good news, though this leaves the question of if everyone else is now human after crossing.  Elena and Stefan are next to pass through and Damon is still a no show. Still waiting for Damon, Lexi is the last to pass through. Markos tries to cross over, but she stops him and pushes him into oblivion. With no time to waste, Bonnie urges Lexi to cross over. One of the humble things about Lexi is that she was never one to get in between a friend. She realizes crossing over will kill Bonnie, and since Damon is still MIA, she could not bring herself to take his place. Luke can’t bear to watch his sister practically kill herself another second. The only reason she won’t stop is due to her guilt. Just when Damon finally makes it to Bonnie, Luke stops Liv from doing any more magic.

What Bonnie refused to tell everyone is that she will always remain the anchor regardless, and once the other side goes, so does she. Bonnie tells Elena that it was too late and that Damon won’t be crossing over. Overwhelmed and devastated, Elena breaks down. Damon tries to say his last goodbye, but since she can’t see or hear him, the touch of his hand is all she has left. At least she has Alaric to help pick up the pieces. Bonnie and Damon brace themselves as they wait for the other side to deteriorate.

Do you think this will hurt?" Bonnie asks Damon, before Damon has the chance to reply, the episode then ends —in a flash of white.


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