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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 6 Episode 11 Recap: “Woke up With a Monster”


Kai (Chris Wood) holds Elena (Nina Dobrev) captive, since he has absorbed so much magic. So in order to get it under control, he decides to use her as practice.

The good part about Kai’s scheme means Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) can return to their domain. The bad part is reminding squatters i.e. Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) that they do not belong there. Stefan seems to be the only one who hasn’t gotten the memo of Damon’s teenage witch, hunter, and retired enchantress study group. Because Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) has been magic free for so long, it will take some powering up to regain her strength again. Credit: CW

If we know anything about Caroline (Candice Accola), we know she doesn’t exactly take no for an answer. Once she found out there is no way to help save her mother (Marguerite Macintyre), she decides to take matter into her own hands. After doing a bit of research, Caroline heads to Duke University to talk to a doctor that may have more information that could help her mother. Although there hasn’t been any evidence that vampire blood has cured cancer, Caroline still believes it still could be the trick to saving her life.

After Stefan finds out about Caroline’s trip, he tags along (since it’s the school his great niece attends). Damon gets Liv (Penelope Mitchell) to cloak herself in order to save Elena. Unfortunately, Luke (Chris Brochu) finds out what she has been up to with Jo, and takes her. According to Liv, Luke thinks like his father. Luke feels she has no reason to help them since they have no connection to the coven. After Luke’s stunt with him swiping his sister from helping a friend, Liv confesses to Luke that she is afraid she may be the one to die. Apparently, their magic was meant to be equal. But ever since the night the traveler’s spell took place, Luke has now been showing his superiority for quite some time.

Caroline starts the first process of her experiment and talks to one of the physicians. The good news is, her mother’s doctors are doing everything right. The bad news is, there isn’t anything else to save her. Caroline also learns of another patient with the same condition. Caroline then decides to conduct part two of her experiment and feeds him her blood. After an hour or so, he seems to be back to normal, after she tells Stefan he still fears that it may not work as easily as she thinks it will.

Enzo (Michael Malarkey) is still obsessed with getting some kind of vengeance over Stefan. He follows him to Duke and threatens to expose his secret to Damon. Stefan is tired of his games, and reveals that he is no threat to him. Tyler tries (again) to get Liv to allow herself to feel something for the two of them. Since she is so sure she may be the one to perish, she decides to keep herself from any real emotion that could hurt her even more.

Damon comes up with a plan B, and uses Jo to complete the cloaking spell and save Elena. The downfall with this is her magic still is not strong enough to conceal the three of them, which quickly exposes them to Kai. Luckily, Alaric (Matt Davis) and Jeremy arrive just time to save the day. Hopefully, they can now finally take down Kai and start working on saving poor Bonnie (Kat Graham) again.

We almost have a victorious moment between Stefan and Caroline after she thanks him for basically redeeming himself by being there for her and her mother. Yet, sadly no epic kiss (probably not the most appropriate moment anyway). Caroline convinces her mother that her final option to save her life is by taking her blood. “I am not ready to lose you now. I want you to live for me,” she says.

The problem with her plan, is that the man she thought she saved is even worse now than before she “saved” him.


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