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'The Vampire Diaries' Season 6 Episode 13 Recap: "The Day I Tried To Live"


In this episode of The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie (Kat Graham) is finally back, and it’s her birthday. However, after spending almost nine months in 1994, this witch has had enough.


A silver lining to Kai (Chris Wood) and Luke (Chris Brochu) merging is that Kai inherits Luke’s conscience. He asks Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to give Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) an apology letter. Although apprehensive about his request, they agree to help him, only if he can transport them to see Bonnie. Kai is only able to transport them to where they discover Bonnie has decided to implement the suicide pact she and Damon had started. Photo credit: CW


Kai’s magic runs out and they group is transported back to the Salvatore mansion. Kai isn’t strong enough to portal three people, so Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) volunteers to go back alone. He tries to get Bonnie to find the map Damon left behind. Apparently, he came up with an idea to head to Nova Scotia. That is where crazy Sila’s headstone (full of Qetsiyah’s blood) lies. This is the key to Bonnie getting home. Just before Jeremy can get her attention, Liv (Penelope Mitchell), stabs Kai as vengeance for killing her brother. Time is running out, and Jeremy is determined to keep Bonnie from killing herself.


Bonnie locks herself in the garage as the car exhaust fumes overwhelm her lungs. She starts to record one last video message for friends (“It’s the loneliness. I can’t take it,” she sobs) and for Jeremy (“I hope you’re living your life with no regrets. Stay strong.”). Just before we say goodbye, Jeremy manages to lift the garage door.


In other news, the sexual tension between Caroline (Candice Accola), and Stefan (Paul Wesley) is still rising. Caroline is on a mission to find Bonnie’s teddy bear. He taunts her so she will get angry and let out her emotions. When she finally does, she knocks him flat on his back, and he quickly brings her down with him. After some laughs, the tears start to well up, leading to an “Oh my God, just kiss already!” moment, but Stefan just brushes Caroline’s cheek as she breaks down.


Enzo (Michael Malarkey) forces Matt (Zach Roerig) to flirt with Sarah Salvatore (Tristin Mays). “Why do you even care?” Matt asks, saying what we’ve all been thinking. Enzo sees Stefan’s refusal to tell Damon the truth about Sarah as his way of using his brother’s guilt to keep him in check. Now, he’s going to insinuate himself into Sarah’s life and make her do awful things, until she’s begging him to turn her into a vampire.


Tyler (Michael Trevino) is pissed at Liv when he tries to stop her from going after Kai. I don’t know too many guys who would be okay with their girlfriend giving them a magical knock on the head. Once he came to, he find’s Liv in critical condition, after battling Kai. He is able to convince Elena to give Liv some of her blood. “And now that I see you’re OK, I never want to see you again,” he tells Liv. “I would have done anything for you. And you chose death over me.”  If Liv didn’t already feel guilty, it’s pretty clear she does now.


Elena wonders if she and Damon would still be together if she was human. Damon doesn’t think so, because she was on her way to Stefan when she died, but Elena doesn’t agree. “I always somehow find my way back to you,” she says, suggesting they stop living in the past.


Bonnie finally discovers the map marked Nova Scotia and is heads there to get her home, but not before she takes a second to thank Damon for his brilliance.



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