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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: “Prayer For The Dying”


Now that Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite Macintyre) discovered her blood did not take with the cancer patient, not only will she basically become a vampire, she will still be infected with cancer, giving us an immortal cancer victim. Caroline (Candice Accola) rushes to find a way to save her.


Now that Kai (Chris Wood) is out of harms way (for the time being), the rest of the gang can breath a little easy knowing Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) can focus more on strengthening her magic. Liv (Penelope Mitchell) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) finally get closer until her dad makes an early visit. Apparently, it’s Liv and Luke’s (Chris Brochu) birthday However, Liv failed to mention that fun detail to Tyler. While most people spend their birthday eating cake and opening cheesy greeting cards, these two will be spending their birthday merging. Although Liv tried hiding the news to protect Tyler, it didn’t stop him from punching the day lights out of her father, since she has expressed on several occasions that she has no interest in merging, if that means one of them has to die. Credit: CW


The doctors have pretty much weighed out that there isn’t anything they can do to help Forbes. Stefan (Paul Wesley) tries to convince Caroline to take the time to be there for her. He shares his own experience with his dying mother, and the regret he held for avoiding her because he was afraid.


Tyler helps Liv convince her dad to let Jo and Kai merge by releasing him. Unfortunately for Tyler, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) stops his plan before he can finish it. Nevertheless, Damon decides Kai can still be of use. Since Kai has the ability to absorb magic and since vampire blood is magical because it can heal (most things), he decides to use Kai as a vacuum and absorb the magic that is harming Forbes.


Before Liv and Luke’s father can take matters into his own hands and merge, Luke decides to use logic and merge with Kai. Since he’s been in Gemini prison for 22 years, they are technically the same age. Things begin to look good, until it seems that Kai has won this fight.


Not only did they just lose one friend, they are about to loose another. Forbes goes into cardiac arrest leaving Elena (Nina Dobrev) completely helpless as to what to do. Luckily, Elena pulls through just when Caroline arrives, taking Stefan’s advice. “She almost died in my arms Damon,” she says (Nice way to once again make this about you, Elena) the shock of this also caused Elena to completely forget her “lets try” proposal with Damon and goes all in, taking their relationship where they left off.

Although Forbes pulls through, she takes a minute to ask Stefan to be there for her when she passes. She may have bought herself a bit more time, but she is confident she won’t beat her cancer.



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