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Hayley Atwell Panel Discussion: Wizard World Philadelphia 2015



Philadelphia Wizard World 2015 offered another weekend of fun, fantasy cosplay and comics. Fans packed the Terrace Ballroom of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, so the folks who invested in the VIP experience got premium seating in the front section. Stephen Amell, Hayley Atwell and Ben McKenzie, the lead actors from Arrow, Marvel’s Agent Carter, and Gotham respectively, thrilled their fans during their panel sessions.Photo: Diane Cooney


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Hayley Atwell who is currently starring on ABC’s Agent Carter, was originally seen as the female lead and love interest in Captain America: The First Avenger. Mild spoiler: Atwell has since appeared in some of the other Marvel films and in Marvel’s Agents of Shield. Fans responded so well to her portrayal of the smart, and courageous British officer in the first Captain America film that the Marvel team created a new TV 13-episode series this year. Atwell and her fans have a lot to celebrate – Marvel’s Agent Carter has been picked up for a second season.


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The audience at the Atwell panel was filled with young women sporting a red hat. Atwell embraces the idea that she’s a role model, and said her parents raised her to believe she could make a contribution to the world. She wasn’t comfortable speaking directly about the “feminist” issues Marvel has been accused of lately, since she hadn’t read any pieces about it. However, she was nothing but gracious towards Marvel.


“Marvel gave me a show… they took a chance on me,” Atwell remarked.  


Atwell also shared some fun anecdotes about her DMV driver’s license picture in character, and she mentioned the beautiful work done by the costume designers. She also shared the skirt length varied, depending on whether or not it was a fight scene, and the heels got smaller and smaller to accommodate her action sequences.



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Now that the show has been renewed, Atwell eager to work with the same team again and


“I’m going to be pranking as many people as I possibly can,” she said with a smile.




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Photo: Diane Cooney