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Canadian band 'Walk off the Earth' rock out at the TLA


Canadian band Walk off the Earth performed Thursday night at the TLA.  


Originating in Burlington, Ontario, Walk off the Earth has gained most of their success from their unique covers and low budget music videos. The band was founded in 2006 by Gianni Luminati, who joined forces with current bandmate Ryan Marshall. Through the years, the band grew, adding Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor, Joel Cassady and Sarah Blackwood (formerly known from her work with band Creepshow).PhotoL Keli Hall


Things really started happening for the band in 2012, when their fan base grew with over 127 million views after their “5 Peeps 1 Guitar” video, which saw them covering Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” which was later featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  


By March 2013, Walk off the Earth completed their first album R.E.VO. followed by a U.S and European tour, eventually signing with Columbia Records. In order to stay connected with their fans, they announced their campaign with Patreon, which allows fans the opportunity to help fund their projects in order to produce more videos and music.


What makes Walk off the Earth different from your average band is their strong ability to harmonize and play multiple instruments. In between songs, you’ll find each member switching from one instrument to another, along with their favorite crowd pleaser that consists of tossing ukuleles, guitars and trumpets back to their crew.


Throughout Thursday night’s show, audience members sang and danced along to many of the band’s recent singles, including “Rule the World,” “Home We’ll Go” and “Sing It All away,” along with fan favorites such as “Gang of Rhythm,” “Summer Vibe” and “Red Hands.” Fans also cheered to congratulate Luminati and Blackwood, who are expecting their second child this July. Walk off the Earth’s next album, Sing It All Away, will be released June 16th. An album pre-sale is currently available on i-Tunes and guarantees four pre-released singles.


Walk off the Earth made their first Philly appearance at Radio 104.5’s Summer Block Party in 2013.


Singer-songwriter Scott Helman served as the band’s opening act, playing songs he recently released from his EP Augusta.

You can catch the video for Walk Off the Earth’s  “Rule the World” below:




Keli Hall is a journalism major and freelance writer in South Jersey. She currently has her own dating advice blog called As Told By Me

You can find Keli on Twitter at @Jerseystarlet

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Photo: Keli Hall. Article photo: TLA's instagram courtesy of @poojaparekh96