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REVIEW: Pixels - A Nostalgic Trip to Save the World


Adam Sandler saves the world, and revives his flagging career with the adorkable Pixels.  

In 1982, young Brenner (Sandler) and his friend Cooper (Kevin James) enter a video game contest, where their competition is prodigy Ludlow (Josh Gad) and cool kid Eddie Plant (Peter Dinklage). Flash forward to the present, where the grown up Brenner hasn’t lived up to the promise he demonstrated back at the arcade. He’s single and working a job that doesn’t challenge him. Photo: bgr.com

However, Brenner gets a second chance when earth is attacked by an alien race who uses video game motifs for their method of mass destruction. Working with the adult Cooper and Ludlow to battle the creatures,  they find that they need one more guy on the team – and they find Eddie to help.

Michelle Monaghan plays Violet – she’s the love interest for Sandler – but thankfully, they give her a real career – she’s a colonel tasked with coming up with a way to stop the attack. She has an easy camaraderie with Sandler, and his goofy good guy charm is a nice counterpoint to her uptight manner.

Dinklage (the MVP of Game of Thrones) commits to his role, embracing the ridiculous. He speaks in some time warp lingo, but uses that baritone voice to hilarious effect. Brian Cox also gleefully embraces the clichés in his portrayal of Admiral Cooper, while Sean Bean makes a welcome appearance as Corporal Hill.

Chris Columbus directs the movie, and like many of his other films (Goonies, Home Alone) Pixels focuses on the relationships between people. Sandler and James keep their banter pretty low key – their dialogue sounds like real friends.

Pixels is thoroughly enjoyable for folks who grew up in the 80s, there’s enough action to entertain the kids and soundtrack is a treat. The film is rated PG-13, for mild violence and a few slightly crude jokes. If you’re looking for an easy going flick to see with friends or older children, grab your quarters and go see Pixels.

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