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‘The Vampire Diaries Season’ 7 Episode 18 Recap: “One Way or Another”



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Time is running out for Stefan (Paul Wesley), as his body is getting worse. Since Marty, (the body Stefan is currently occupying) is a wanted fugitive, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) compels two EMTs to help him. Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) is currently tucked away at a motel to gain as much strength as she can to complete the spell. Customarily, this spell involves at least two witches.


We finally discover what brought Bonnie (Kat Graham) to what looks like a mental institution. We see her at a group meeting, and she discusses how Damon’s departure left her feeling betrayed. However, it was all a ruse to get information on Alex’s (Mouzam Makkar) sister Virginia St. John (Aisa Duran). She learns the Armory has a vault that was sealed by a Bennett witch (and of course, can only be opened by one). Virginia strongly encourages that Bonnie stay away from that vault. But as we know, Bonnie was never good at following directions. When Virginia sees that Bonnie is refusing to take her advice, she goes full crucible on Bonnie, and cuts her arm screaming “witch!” It’s safe to say that Virginia will not be getting released any time soon.


Now that Stefan is good hands, Damon and Alaric (Matt Davis) head to Memphis to capture Stefan’s real body. Alaric isn’t exactly thrilled to be on another Salvatore quest. He’s had a vampire free life for three years, has fallen in love with Caroline and is enjoying being a new dad to the twins. However, if Stefan does, he knows this will affect his “agreement” with Caroline- since their soon to be courtship isn’t exactly two soul mates living happily ever after.


Ambrose (evil Stefan) makes a deal with Damon. In order to get Stefan’s body back, he has to kill Rayna (Leslie-Anne Huff). Unfortunately, Enzo (Michael Malarkey) has Rayna. Apparently, Bonnie has been taking the same pills that killed Mary Louise in order to keep the Armory off her radar. Enzo captures Rayna to demand an antidote. Enzo is sadly informed that there is no cure.


Damon and Alaric head back to the fraternity house, where he is on a full rampage. Luckily, Ric is able to tranquilize him just in time. Valerie almost kills herself while performing the spell, but pulls through. During the spell, she has a conversation with Stefan through his subconscious. She asks if the time they had together was just a distraction or fate bringing them back together. Although Stefan confirms it was genuine, she can still see his unresolved issues with Caroline. She writes him a Dear John letter and leaves, knowing the best thing for her is to start her own life.

Ric tells Damon to go see Bonnie at the hospital. When he shows up, she isn’t exactly pleased to see him and slams the door in his face. 

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