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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Episode 19 Recap: “Somebody that I Used to Know”



Photo: CW

Bonnie (Kat Graham) leaves the asylum after a failed attempt with Virginia. We flashback to how Enzo (Michael Malarkey) and Bonnie’s relationship evolved at the cottage, when he kept her safe from the Armory. Enzo makes a deal with Bonnie that he will keep her hidden from Alex  (Mouzam Makkar) if she finds out why they looking for her. Enzo continues to show his affection for Bonnie, and considering all she has been through in the guy department, she is open to his charm.

Stefan (Paul Wesley) heads to Texas to win Caroline (Candice Accola) back. However, Alaric (Matt Davis) is not taking Stefan’s offer lightly. For a mortal having a normal life the supernatural continues to revolve around is almost impossible. Now that Ric is days away from finally getting the life he deserves, he refuses to let Stefan get in his way. In order to get his best friend back, Damon makes an offer to Rayna (Leslie Anne Huff). If they help kill all the vampires on her hit list, she must agree to perish and give her last life to Bonnie.

Alex tracks down Enzo. She explains why the Armory has been tracking Bonnie down. Alex put Virginia (Aisha Duran) in the asylum due to her frequent outbursts. Four years ago, Virginia forced Lucy Bennett (one of Virginia’s victims) to seal the vault in the Armory with magic. However, her other sister Yvette was also inside when she sealed it. The only person who can open the vault is a Bennett witch. Since there isn’t a full chance that syphoning Rayna’s soul will save Bonnie, Enzo agrees to work with Alex if she finds a way to save Bonnie.

Taking a break from not beating the crap out of Stefan, Ric agrees to help kill vampires for the good of Bonnie. They hit a small snag when they run into Bea in another body. If Damon ever wanted to repair his relationship with Bonnie, he’s definitely failing when he refused to spare his life. Bonnie makes it clear to Damon that although she has moved on from his past decision to leave her behind, she can no longer trust that he will always be there for her when she really needs him. Either Damon is secretly is in love with Bonnie, or he prefer her to be single- so she can be single and miserable with him.

Stefan tries one last time to talk Ric into leaving Caroline once and for all, but Stefan quickly learns Caroline has no interest to even talk to him, when she completely ignores his presence.

Damon discovers they are far from saving Bonnie when Rayna adds even more names to her list. Looks like Alex is their best bet to saving Bonnie’s life.


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Photo: CW