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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Episode 16 Recap: “Days of Future Past”


Photo: CW

Three years into the future (which is now present day), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) has persuaded Rayna (Leslie-Anne Huff) to transfer Stefan’s scar to him in order to keep him safe. Although a bit hesitant of the idea, Stefan (Paul Wesley) agrees to have Valerie perform the transfer spell.

Back to what was once present day (now three years ago), Stefan and Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) are all ready to start their great escape. Practically single, you can see the small flame growing between them. Valerie tries to convince Stefan to make the most of their trip. Stefan has been known to take the burden of everyone else, but Valerie tries to inform him that they have already moved onto choices they think are best for them.

Because Alex (Mouzam Makkar) thinks Enzo is the one who let Rayna escape, she has captured Nora (Scarlett Byrne) and Mary Louise (Teressa Liane). Nora must find and kill Enzo, or they will kill Mary Louise. Apparently, they dosed her with Rayna’s blood, which is lethal to witches. If Nora doesn’t kill Enzo, Mary Louise will not get the antidote she needs to stay alive.

Enzo compels a detective to call Matt (Zach Roerig), because he believes Matt is the one who let Rayna out. Matt tells him that the only reason he released Rayna was because she is the best tool for killing vampires. Nora steps in to follow armory orders allowing Matt to get away. When Enzo discovers more information of how corrupt the Armory is, he offers to work Nora in exchange for his life.

Rayna bursts Damon’s bubble by telling him that if he does in fact take Stefan’s scar, he would also be giving up his future with Elena. If Rayna remains to keep the last life she has left, she has maybe 70 years left. Because they will be linked, once she dies, so will he.

Present day Rayna confesses that his scar links everything he does to her (which explains how she can find her victims so easily). While she was locked away in the Armory, her only substance of peace was watching him and Valerie.

Damon comes to the conclusion that Valerie thought of the transfer spell the entire time, and for three years kept it a secret. She confesses to not telling Stefan, but denies using it keep him away from Caroline. The reason she didn’t say anything was for Damon to no longer be a burden to Stefan.

With no time left, Rayna catches up to Stefan. Guilty to have backed on his promise, Damon begs Valerie to quickly perform the spell, but it’s too late. Rayna puts him back into the Phoenix Stone. It looks like the reason Matt let Rayna out is because Stefan was responsible for killing Penny.

After Nora discovers there is no antidote to save Mary Louise and that Rayna still high on their trail, they both use all the power they have left to destroy the Phoenix Stone, which kills them both in the process.

Because Rayna is linked to each victim, she can feel every soul in pain.

What does this mean for Stefan?

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