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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Episode: 20 Recap: “Kill ‘Em All”



Photo: CW

Rayna’s blood is beginning to take effect, causing Bonnie (Kat Graham) to deteriorate. In order to get the answers she failed to get originally, Bonnie heads back to the asylum to talk to Virginia (Aisha Duran). She finally reveals the vault isn’t someone or something. It’s a presence that basically turns off your humanity. The longer someone is in the vault, the more dangerous they become. Virginia begs Bonnie to not submit to Alex’s (Mouzam Makkar) wishes and keep the vault sealed.

While Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) finish up with more of Rayna’s (Leslie Anne Huff) adversaries, Stefan (Paul Wesley) gets stuck with teaming up with Matt. I guess this is the only exception to their “friendship” if it involves killing vampires. However, the only real reason Matt agreed to work with Stefan is for vengeance. He is certain that Stefan is the one who killed Penny. Looking back at old police footage, Matt was compelled by Stefan to not question Penny’s car accident. But what Stefan tried to protect from Matt is that he accidently shot Penny in the line for fire.

For Bonnie’s sake, Alaric (Matt Davis) gets ready to head back into the battlefield. Caroline (Candice Accola) insists she accompany him. Bonnie tries to understand why Rayna is so easily willing to give up her last life to save hers. Since Rayna’s birthright has been devoting everything to killing vampires, Rayna has never really gotten the opportunity to have a life to herself. Time is running out, and Bonnie requests that Enzo stop hunting vampires and be at her side.

Damon makes a deal with the Armory in order to save Bonnie’s life. They will kill everyone on Rayna’s list if she opens the vault. She could easily decline this offer and die in peace if they weren’t harboring Alaric and Caroline as extortion. Bonnie keeps her promise and opens the vault. Unfortunately for Alex, they’re too late. Her sister is dead, and as payback, Bonnie locks them inside of the armory.

Ric insists that Caroline find closure with Stefan. With everything he’s lost, he needs to be sure that Caroline is committed to making their family work. Caroline assures Ric that the person who is being dishonest is him.

Rayna finally gets the peace she’s deserves and trades lives with Bonnie. What Damon didn’t realize is Bonnie will be trading exactly her life. Once Bonnie is revived, she will replace Rayna’s legacy.

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