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Greatest Gambling Movies of All Time


The cinema is iconic. If you can make a story that appeals to people on the big screen, it is something that could be talked about for generations. Gambling is an American pastime that has had roots even in the founding of the company. The same is true for film. That is why it only makes sense that we would put two and two together.

There are few things more American than movies and gambling. And since Atlantic City is just a short drive from the City of Brotherly love, we put together a list of the greatest gambling movies of all time. Because let’s face it, there are few things more entertaining than watching people put it all on the line to live a life worth talking about.

Casino Royale - This is an iconic James Bond film that really reinvented the series. There is nothing more effective than gambling to spice things up. This one takes center stage around the amazing Casino Royale, a luxury gambling venue that attracts only the wealthiest patrons. Daniel Craig’s first time playing Bond was not a disappointment. This one centralizes on gambling, as Bond has to take on a terrorist banker in a poker game with the highest stakes imaginable. This high intensity poker-themed movie is a must-watch for gambling lovers.


Casino - Directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese, this is one of the most iconic gambling movies of all time. The cinema is all about entertainment, and this movie is about as thrilling as it gets. This is a crime drama about a mobster run casino. The seedy underbelly of Las Vegas, complete with violence, corruption, and voyeurism all around, this sinful treat is sure to give you a glimpse into a gritty, glittery world.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story - There are few movies out there that could better encompass the high stakes feel of a poker player than this one. Stu Ungar is was a legendary card player and gambler, and this one is based on his true story. Coming from a hard beginning and with lots of bad habits, Stu is the iconic gambler. He is great at what he does, but has problems with balance, which becomes a central theme of his story. There is triumph and tribulation to be found in Ungar, giving us an insight into the human condition, and what it means to all of us.

Maverick - Made in 1994, this one is one part comedy, one part crime drama, one part poker movie. The main character, Bret Maverick, goes on a journey trying to rustle up some money for a poker tournament. What ensues is hilarity, as well as lots of challenges that ultimately end up making a great and entertaining movie. This one also stars Jodie Foster, and is one of the less talked about films she makes an appearance in as a thief. This is full of tongue-in-cheek humor and action that will keep you guessing, and likely coming back for more.


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