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Lombard South: Local Punk Rock


Having gone through some radical changes over the last couple years, Lombard South’s  once-emo pop jig has been ditched for a more straight punk sound, reminiscent of bands like The Bouncing Souls  and Pennywise. They’ll be showcasing their new sound and lineup at the North Star Lombard SouthBar  next week.

“We’re not trying to do anything too new,” says Ryan Hansen, Lombard South’s guitarist. “We’re trying to go with the things we grew up listening to. I mean, obviously we’re not going to create brand new music in the punk realm. We just write and play whatever we feel like and we’re having fun doing it.”

Lombard South is based in both Holland, PA and Fishtown, with two members in each vicinity of the Delaware Valley. The four young musicians had been in bands together since they were in high school and Lombard South was spawned after Ryan, Jack Fitzsimmons and Kyle McGill decided they were more interested in an early-Warped tour punk sound than the melodic emo they’d been creating with a former singer. Ryan says the band disintegrated for six months, then reformed with Jack moving from bass to vocals, and Kyle’s little brother Connor was added on bass.

So, why are they named after a Philadelphia subway stop? Simple. They use it. “When we first started the band, Kyle and Jack were freshmen at Temple University, so just about every Friday night we had practice in Holland after work, then we’d head down to the city and take the subway down to South Street, the Lombard South stop. So, we basically spent every Friday night partying at a friend’s house.

“We had terrible ideas for names that never worked out. During one of our outings one Friday night we came up with the name ‘Lando Griffin’. We immediately changed our minds the next morning when we sobered up. Lombard South made more sense. It was more relevant.”

In addition to the Bouncing Souls and Pennywise, Lombard South is for fans of The Mr. T Experience, NOFX  and Blink 182.

Lombard South was originally scheduled to play North Star Bar’s New Music Series on November 24, but the show was rescheduled for December 8th and will start at approximately 7pm.