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Philly2Philly.com Music Profile: Reality Stricken


Over its members’ lives, Reality Stricken have stuck together – be it childhood street hockey games to a notable pop-rock band hailing from Norristown. In 2006, the four buddies got serious and began independently recording their warming, uplifting brand of tunes.

Their heavy guitar pop has earned them plenty of comparisons, most notably an Absolutepunk.net review that’s favorably looked at the guys as a Local Philly group "Reality Stricken"young, smaller Jimmy Eat World, and self-references to bands like the Foo Fighters. “We try to put together rock and pop elements without the corniness, in fun, energetic, positive songs,” says Josh Solomon, Reality Stricken’s bassist. “Our lyrics come from personal experiences, relationships and life experiences. They’re the sort of issues everyone can relate to, but the positive side of it. We want people to listen to our songs and say, ‘Okay, I can get through this.’”

The guys recently released their third album, titled Signal Fire. They call it their greatest effort, and “What You Wanted” the EP’s fourth song, has received more than 90,000 listens on MySpace. In laying down the tracks, the band employed producer Chris Badami  and have nothing but good things to say about his work after recording at his space in Northern New Jersey. (On Badami’s website, he, too, calls Reality Stricken a “solid band with a huge sound!”)

And there is something solid about their music. In addition to the aforementioned acts, Reality Stricken most resembles A New Found Glory in my point of view, fantastically stuck on a time when you could turn on the radio – or attend the Warped Tour – and expect to hear something like “My Friends Over You” or Blink 182’s “Feeling This”

Reality Stricken’s tactics remain independent, and what they’ve achieved they’ve basically done all on their own. Since their favorite playing spot, Juno’s in Collegeville, closed down in December 2008, the band’s made the Media Coffee Club their home-away-from-home, though they’ve played at lots of local stops, like the North Star Bar  and Doc Watson’s.

“We try to do the Media Coffee Club every other month,” says Josh. “We put the whole show together usually. It holds 150 people, and we pick the bands, pick the PA, we do the flyering and everything. We try to pick bands that we’ve made friends with over the years, but also bands that are professional and do things the right way. We always want to play and put out a good show.”

Reality Stricken will be playing with Phantasm at the Media Coffee Club this Saturday, January 16. The show is all ages and begins at 6pm. All the band’s tracks are available on iTunes.