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Philly2Philly interviews local band Wild Rompit


The success of local musicians in the last five years speaks to the wealth of Philly group Wild Rompit.diverse venues, and receptive audiences, who yearn for more inspiring music than Top 40. More bands are coming to Philadelphia to take advantage of this welcoming atmosphere.

Wild Rompit are an indie rock band made up of four Drexel University students, originally from New Jersey. Brandon Bost and Blair Ollendorf met at an open mike night back home and started the band. They later added Sean Huber who lived in the same town as Brandon. They met Paul Impellizeri while he was running sound at the Drexel Open Mic , Late Night Series. They graciously signed onto a Skype video conference to answer some of Philly2Philly’s questions.

While all are here primarily to go to school, the location has fostered their musical goals too. Paul states, “At the Jersey shore, all they have are cover bands, in Philadelphia, it’s all about original music.” Their six song EP, Stampede was released in April in association with Lillian Records.  

As the band establishes themselves, they have diligently played at the open mic nights in the area, and shared some of their favorite places to play - World Café Live, TriTone and The Lickity Split.  Blair recalls their experience playing the extremely popular World Café Open Mike, Philly Rising, which is Mondays that start at 8:00 p.m. and typically has a huge line outside the door.  “One time I went over at 3:30 for a 7:30 sign up – I was the first one there!”

The four members are all studying majors related to music. Brandon and Blair are both music industry majors, Blair’s taking courses in business, and the technical classes focused on the working in the studio. He’s also taking piano and music theory classes. Brandon explains, “The cool thing is that there are different tracks, you shift toward what you’re interested in.” He is also taking technical, music composition, and prelaw classes.

Paul is an entertainment, arts and management major, taking classes such as performing arts, film and theatre.”  His program is also, “pretty broad – I’m taking a lot of business classes.” Sean is a film and video major, and shares that the Drexel music label Mad Dragon Records, “uses film and video students to produce the videos for the bands.”

The band recounts their worst gig –  where they were double booked at a local brewing company who had also scheduled a private party the same night. Their favorite gig was an outdoor Drexel benefit concert, where they played the pre-show.

The band credits a supportive music community with getting them access to good gigs. Blair explains, “Open mic nights are good for networking, and we meet people who volunteer to help us out.” Being based within University City provides an instant fan base – with the biggest challenge for the band being half that group isn’t of legal age yet.

The band is enjoying a full schedule as they close out the school year. No sophomore slump for these gentlemen. If you’re looking for great performances and well crafted songwriting, you best come to Philadelphia. 

Check out Wild Rompit live at one of their upcoming shows:

Lickety Split – May 26

Stone Pony – May 30 

Wild Rompit  are:

Blair Ollendorf

Brandon Bost

Paul Impellizeri

Sean Huber  




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