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Philly2Philly.com's Most Eligible Singles For February


It’s February and love is in the air!  Don’t let the weekly snowstorms and frigid temps get you down.  We have two more great catches for this month to warm up your hearts and maybe ignite some passion in your lives, just in time for Valentines’ Day. 

For our most eligible girl of the month, we have Erica Brooke who is an assessment specialist for an educational software and testing company, writer, and tutor (where does she find the time to date!).  Erica can be seen throughout the city possibly at her favorite places which include La Viola, Continental Midtown, R2L, or having some vino at Vintage or Tria. Erica is looking for a guy who is outgoing, intelligent and fun, isn’t into games, and just those who text and never call.  (I hear ya, girl!) 

For our awesome guy of the month, we have the studly Lee Superville, an insurance salesman, from North Carolina (think Southern gentleman) who likes the nearby 9th Street Diner, Ladder 15, and the UNC Tarheels and Eagles.  Lee has a variety of hobbies (and adventurously seeking more) and is looking for a passionate girl with a good sense of humor and nice physique. 

Are these two hot singles a great match or are you possibly a great match for one of them?  If you would like to meet either of these great catches or possibly just mingle with some fun loving people, please join us at Public House this Saturday, February 12th from 8pm to 11pm for Flirt Fest ’11!  A $10 donation at the door for the American Heart Association will get you one free drink, raffle tickets for awesome prizes, and reduced/specialty drink specials such as $5 Flirtini’s and more! 

There will also be a sports auction, singles game (which will earn you a free shot), and a Best Dressed Couple contest for those who are attached and looking fab.  Bernie Emery, our last month’s single, will also be there doing his Wingman dating show live from Public House!  So please come out and mingle with the area’s hottest singles and others all for a great cause!  As always, feel free to email me your thoughts at helene@philly2philly.com and please keep the nominations coming in for future months.  Here is more information about our great catches for this month:

First name:  Erica

Occupation: Assessment Specialist for an Educational Software and Online Testing Company, Freelance Writer, and Writing Instructor/Tutor

Age: 28

Current location: Center City, Philadelphia

Favorite restaurant in the city: I have quite a few, as I love going out to eat, especially in the city. La Viola is one of my favorite Italian BYOBs; the food is always fabulous, and it’s more reasonably priced for a city restaurant. I also always enjoy myself at a Steven Starr restaurant; Continental Midtown is always good, as well as trendy, and I love those swingy chairs! Jones is also a favorite, as everything is good. They even make a mean, gourmet grilled chicken sandwich. But, really, as long as I can get a glass of wine and a plate of hummus and pita, I’m happy!

Favorite bar: It all depends on the atmosphere you want and what kind of a night you’re aiming for. The atmosphere at R2L is amazing: what a view! I’ve only had drinks there before, never the food, though. Positano Coast is also gorgeous and is great for a happy hour, group get together, or date. Fado and Plough and the Stars are always fun if I’m in the mood for dancing and a big crowd. Lately, I love going to North Bowl with a group of friends on Wednesday nights and hanging out at the bar there; it has a really laid-back vibe. As for as wine bars go, I’m a big fan of Tria and Vintage, as well.

Current cell phone: My pink Blackberry Curve or “Crackberry.” It really is the ultimate toy for adults.

Hobbies/interests: I love to read and write; I write for several blogs/web sites: OnlyInPhiladelphia.com, OnlyInAtlanticCity.com, and “Challah Back” Next Gen Blog. My friends say I always seem to know what’s going on! I love going out to eat and exploring the Center City bars and restaurants. I’m involved in some local organizations and enjoy attending and helping plan events. I love to travel and am really excited to go to Vegas in March for a conference (can’t wait to relax in the hot tub, too)! In the summer, I enjoy going to the beach and to Atlantic City. I’ve traveled to Hawaii, California, Arizona, London, Israel, Mexico, Canada, and all over the Caribbean. Arts and culture (fashion, theater, concerts, movies) are other interests of mine. I really am a kid at heart, though, and still enjoy going to amusement parks or playing mini golf or a boardgame. And The Bachelor is my favorite TV show and is a must for my Monday nights! I have to say I am also addicted to Facebook. However, the most important thing to me is spending time with my family and friends.

Favorite sports team: I’m really not a big sports person, but I love The Phillies. I also hate football and don’t understand it at all, but I can definitely be a good sport and watch with a guy and ask questions.

Must haves in a mate: I’m usually attracted to someone who is outgoing, take-charge, intelligent, fun, spontaneous, and family-oriented. Someone who can deal with my occasional ditzy ways, and someone who can make me laugh definitely gets points. A guy who is ambitious and goal-oriented and has a good head on his shoulders is a must, as I am very ambitious. Physical attraction is very important to me, I have to admit (a nice smile always gets me, and I tend to be attracted to guys no taller than 6 feet, as I am very petite), but personality is still #1. I want to be excited when I see him or when he calls. I want him to put in effort and show that he cares.

Dating Dealbreakers: Hmm, good question. I could probably write a book on this!  First and foremost, a guy really needs to go out of his way to impress a girl, so splitting the check is definitely not an option and feels more like friends. When you’re in a relationship, the rules are different, but the beginning is all about trying to impress. Another thing is I hate games; if you’re interested, I want to know!

Also, texting without ever calling is not good. Although I am an avid texter and love it, I always feel that when a guy really likes you, he’ll go out of his way to get to know you better in between dates. I also definitely enjoy having nights in and watching movies, but when a guy wants to do this too soon or too often, I feel like his intentions are more for booty calls than sincerely getting to know someone. Going out and doing fun things together helps you to bond with another person and does not always have to be something expensive. Also, ending a text with “Ya dig?” is a definite dealbreaker; yes, this happened to me once!

Interesting Fact about you: I grew up in the suburbs of Philly (Bucks County) and lived in South Florida for a short time, too, and graduated from a South Florida High School. I’ve also only been in love once and am picky when it comes to dating; I don’t get into a relationship just because I don’t want to be alone or because I hear about everyone getting married. It takes effort, but when you’re with someone you click with, you just know, and it’s great and something I am really looking for now. Most people are also usually surprised to hear that I was very quiet when I was younger and often shied away from many social situations, since I’m pretty much the total opposite now!

First name: Lee

Occupation: Selling life... insurance for Lincoln Financial (the second part is not as exciting.)

Age: 25

Current location: Here? is this a trick question. I also live in old city.

Favorite restaurant in the city: 9th street diner. Even though, 9th street is in its name I still can never find this place before 2am!

Favorite bar: Any bar within walking distance of 9th street diner...DUH aka every bar in center city. I also like Ladder 15. 

Current cell phone:
Blackberry Storm.

Hobbies/interests: Guitar, soccer, snowboarding, running and most importantly thinking of more hobbies to be interested in.

Favorite sports team: UNC Tarheels and Eagles.

Must haves in a mate: A passion for the love of loving, a good sense of humor, and a nice body.

Dating Dealbreakers: Underarm hair, split personalities and little dogs named after fashion designers.

Interesting Fact about you: I hold the record at a UNC weight-room for squatting over 525lbs.

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