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The first Congress. The first public zoo. The first Federal mint. And on and on. The City of Philadelphia has been home to some truly historic firsts.

And here’s one more…

For the first time in recorded history, Philadelphia will be the focal point of the film world when, from June 22nd to the 28th, the Philadelphia Film Market opens its doors. The Market will showcase filmmakers and production companies, as well as any company that serves the film industry and will bring them together, face-to-face with potential buyers and distributors.

Organizers of the event have known for years that our fair city is home to some truly talented independent filmmakers and the time had come for the rest of the world to know, too.

“We wanted to take the city’s film scene to a higher level,” explained the market’s Chief Operating Officer, Leilani Goode.

Sharon Pinkenson, Executive Director of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, did not hide her joy and excitement in describing her feelings about the Market, saying…“The Greater Philadelphia Film Office is thrilled to welcome the Philadelphia Film Market to our region. The Market will not only introduce a new pool of filmmakers to the Southeastern Pennsylvania film community, but will open doors for local filmmakers seeking distribution outlets.”

One of the local filmmakers who will be showcasing his independent film is Nick Lanciano, whose film, 9th & Bay, recently premiered at The Ritz at the Bourse. Co-sponsored by Philly2Philly.com, and co-written by yours truly, the film tells the story of an ordinary guy leading an ordinary life who realizes to find true happiness and success, one must go to extra-ordinary lengths.

Produced in association with The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Philadelphia Soundstages and Invincible Pictures, The Philadelphia Film Market will run from Monday, June 22nd through Sunday, June 28th.

For details and information, please visit http://www.philadelphiafilmmarket.com/