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Philly Films Profile: Nick Lanciano


Nick LancianoSouth Philadelphia native Nick Lanciano has already achieved his ultimate dream.  He has released a movie.  A movie, which by his own doing was written, shot, edited, and released. 

That movie is 9th and Bay, a story about Lanciano's life-where he (starring himself) does everything in his power to keep his satellite business intact, while supporting his family, pursuing his dream to make movies, and keeping his relationship with his best friend and brother-in-law (Andy Laquintano) intact.

Mr. Lanciano, a life-long resident of Philadelphia (and the director and cameraman of our own "Yo Philly!") made a promise to himself that this movie would get done.  There was never a doubt it would be made.  

A former professional boxer, Lanciano draws much of his inspiration from a Philadelphia legend who never fought in the real world. But, he's been as much a part of our lives as our sports teams.  That of course is Rocky Balboa.

"I saw this guy fighting his heart out and going after Apollo Creed.  When I look at Apollo Creed, I look at him as life.  You just gotta go for it.", said Lanciano.

From the time that his father purchased him an 8MM camera at the age of 9, Mr. Lanciano fell in love with movies.  And, once he saw Rocky and Superman he was hooked. 

There are two people whom he credits most with making 9th & Bay a reality.  Russ Ferrante, a life-long friend is one of them.  The other is Sue Prantil who is the actual mother of the actresses who played his daughters in the film.  

Any movie which is made for under $10,000 (the total budget of the film was $8,900) is not without it's trials and tribulations.  In fact there was a scene shot near Lanciano's stomping grounds at 13th & Dickinson when they had police tape rolled out on the streets.  During the shooting of the scene a brazen driver drove right through the police tape and through the street while they were shooting.  

"Some a**hole came barrelling through, which could've killed someone", acknowledged Lanciano.  

The biggest challenges during filming were money and time.  

"There was no schedule.  I pretty much asked people "are you ready" and we went out and shot the scenes.  We shot on very few locations."

9th and Bay premiered May 21st at the Ritz Bourse.  

And, what is his next step? 

"I'm trying to find a distributor", said Lanciano. 

You can view more information on Nick Lanciano's film at www.lancianoproductions.com.

Mr. Lanciano can be contacted at nicholas.lanciano@verizon.net