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Don't Get Cold Feet: Why Winter Car Buying Is Worth It


There is a lot that goes into making a car buying decision. You have to know what you want from a car, what you need from a car and how much you can spend on that purchase. However, have you ever considered if there was an optimal time of year to purchase your next car? Let's take a look at why winter may be the best time to purchase a vehicle.

There Are Fewer Eager Buyers in January or February

Winter is a time best known for snowy roads and cars covered in salt. Few people want to buy a brand new car and watch it get dirty the second that the pull it off the lot or drive it away from the previous owner's driveway. Therefore, most people choose to buy during the spring, summer or early fall months. This lack of competition means that there are more cars to choose from and more room to negotiate a lower price.

Put Your Main Car in the Garage Where it Is Safe for the Winter

The winter months are the perfect time to buy a junk car that you can get dirty or drive without fear or wearing down your main car. If you have a classic car or a high end car, you don't want it to rust or get into an accident due to poor road conditions. December, January and February are the prime months to find a car for less than $1,000 that you may be able to sell to someone else when the warmer weather returns.

Car Dealers Want You to Buy a Car During the Holiday Season

Dealerships want you to feel good this holiday season by saving hundreds of dollars on last year's model or the new model that just came in. Christmas, New Year's and President's Day week are all times when you can get a great deal on a late model car. If you already have a car, it may be a good time to look into refinancing a car loan to save money on your current payment.

For those who have good credit, it may be possible to get a new car with 0 percent interest as dealers clamor to get rid of excess inventory on their lots. BSome dealers may be willing to guarantee a minimum trade value for your car regardless of how much it is actually worth. This may be especially helpful to anyone who may be upside down on their current car loan.

You Get a Feel for How the Car Really Drives During the Winter Months

You will know right away whether or not your car can handle the winter weather. During the test drive, you can put the car through the paces before you have to spend any money out of your own pocket. While taking a test drive, it may be a good idea to drive on highways, back roads as well as side streets if at all possible. This is because a highway may be plowed well while a side street will be full of ice and snow. Once you know how the car handles during typical road conditions, you can feel more confident about the long-term viability of owning the car.

While it may be possible to find a good deal on a car throughout the year, it may be especially beneficial to buy during the winter months. Doing so can help you save money as sellers have fewer buyers looking at their vehicles. This may result in better prices and/or better loan terms for everyone who wants to make that purchase.