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I'm Not Giving up My Baby, I'm Giving More


When you are thinking of placing your baby up for adoption, you may feel as though you are giving up your child. You may ask yourself, “Why am I giving my baby up for adoption?” and wonder if this is the right answer for you in your particular situation at this time in your life. Yet when you work with a reputable caring adoption agency, you should not think of allowing your child to be adopted by another couple as ‘giving up’ your baby, but you should consider yourself as giving your child so many different things in life that you may not be able to provide to him or her at this time.

1. You are giving your child a loving home.

With the help of an adoption agency, you will be giving this child a wonderful home which will love him or her every day of his life. As much as you are emotionally vested in your child’s welfare, this family will be just as invested in ensuring he or she grows up happy, healthy and loved. You are giving your child a home which will love him or her completely and thoroughly regardless of heritage or the circumstances surrounding the child’s conception.

2. You are giving your child stability.

Along with a loving home and family, you are choosing stability for your child. You are giving the gift of a life where there will be no worries in regard to the food in the refrigerator or providing a roof for over your child’s head. You are giving a life of stability in an often turbulent world.

3. You are giving your child an education.

Maybe attending college was never an option for you or maybe continuing high school was a struggle. Due to unforeseen circumstances, you may have found obtaining the education of your dreams impossible. As the adoption agency of your choice helps guide you in the process of finding the right home for your child, you will enable him or her to have the education you were never able to receive.

4. You are giving your child life.

This should be apparent enough, but it’s worth restating. You are giving the gift of life to a wonderful child and then ensuring he or she is set to thrive in the world they are living in. In today’s society, when abortion is an easy answer, not everyone will choose to give their child life, but this is the choice you have made and this particular gift is priceless beyond compare.

5. You are giving your child the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Perhaps you grew up without a father figure in your life or maybe your mother was an alcoholic-- regardless of your background, we rarely get to choose where we come from in life. You get the change to choose with the adoption agency’s assistance the home of your dreams for your child. If you believe a strong church background is important, you might choose a couple that attends their local services religiously every Sunday. If you believe a diverse family background is of utmost importance, you might choose a couple with multiple ethnicities in their heritage. Whatever you’ve dreamed of, you can give to your child with the choice of adoption.

6. You are giving a couple the chance to be a family.

Finally, you are giving a couple the chance to be parents to a beautiful, wonderful child. You are giving another family the chance to embrace and love this child every day of their lives.


Today’s society uses the term ‘giving up’ in regard to adoption too easily. As a birth mother, you are not ‘giving up’ your child nor are you giving him or her away. You are choosing to give your child everything in life which will lead to your child thriving and developing into a wonderful, well-rounded adult. You are providing your child with the necessities to grow while being cherished and loved every day of their life, from many people—including you. Adoption should no longer be considered the act of giving up a child, but the act of giving a child the best love and care the world can possibly offer.