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Three Ways to Repurpose old blankets

The old blankets taking up space in your linen closet or bedroom must find a new home. You do not want to throw away your old blankets, but you need new ways to use these blankets in your home. This article explores three ways to repurpose old blankets, and you can create brand new artwork that changes the way your home looks. Bring everything out of your closet and into the light with these creative project ideas. 

#1: Quilting 

You may have old blankets that hard stains in different places. The blankets themselves are not fit for use in your home, but parts of these blankets can be used to create a lovely quilt. You must cut away squares of the blankets that will be used in your quilts, and you will have large stacks of fabric that you harvested from these blankets. 

The excess fabric from each blanket can be thrown out, and you will reduce your blanket storage to a few swatches of fabric that can be turned into quilts easily. You may use everything from fleece fabric to traditional cotton in your quilts, and the quilts you create will be more diverse than other blankets in your home. One or two quilts that were made from several different pieces of fabric are more interested than the dozens of blankets you simply do not have use for. 


#2: Tapestry 

You may let your creative side roam free with a tapestry that you create from old blankets you have laying around your house. A tapestry that hangs on your living room or bedroom wall is more exciting to look at than a picture, and you created the tapestry on your own. Each blanket can become part of the tapestry, and each blanket can give up different pieces of fabric that take on different shapes. 

You are free to frame the tapestry with any fabric you like, and the tapestry becomes a piece of art that you can use in any room in your home. Throw out the strips of fabric that were not used in tapestry, and you will be left with a tapestry you can use in the house. The conversion process avoid stains and dirty spots that make your blankets not longer usable. 

#3: Lettering And Collages 

You may cut letters out of your blankets that are useful in collages or lettering projects. The color and style of each blanket contributes to the beauty of the letters, and you may create several different types of letter that can used for many projects. A crafter who prefers to create projects with lettering can cut out the alphabet several times for new projects, and you may cut around the stains on your blankets. 

Each blanket in your home provides you with an opportunity to create new pieces of art, and you must use these blankets to your advantage as you craft. Lettering for your walls, quilts and other projects can be easily cut out, and the dirty parts of each blanket may be thrown away. You are searching through each blanket to find usable fabric that will help you create something new whenever you like. 

The old blankets in your home are a treasure trove of creative opportunities that you may use for creative purposes. Each blanket can be cut into squares or letters that may be used for tapestries, artwork and quilts. You are creating your own raw materials for the crafting projects have going in your home, and the old blankets that take up too much space are disposed of in the process. Ready your cutting sheers to reduce each blanket to something you can use.