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Cyber Terror Hits Philly Small Business/ EMR Loss Prevention

It was not until last month that I had my first experience with cyber terrorism. A good friend of mine runs a medical facility here in Philly and was hit by a major cyber attack ruining her electronic medical record system (EMR). The severity of the attack left me feeling very concerned over the state of my own business. Like her EMR system we have a cloud based data system that has similar vaulnerabilities. I am writing this blog post to help others who may be in the same scenerio secure their business and avoid a disasterous fate. 


Do your reaserch on the subject. Not all systems are alike and as a result have different chinks in their armor. Because of this you need to look into your specific systems vaulnerabilties and potential data breach points. Have you heard of the Red October Virus? It crippled very large systems across the world and was very difficult to stop. However once you establish your weak points it is time to do something about it.

Active Prevention 

Depending on the size and complexity of your server system will determine the degree of protection your business will need. While a very small operation may take simple steps a well established operation might choose to go with and industry leader life Blue Coat. Ultimatly you will need to weigh the risk and benifit to developing a secure sytem. Just remember my friends EMR system.