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Are you an art lover or an individual starting to appreciate the beauty of masterpieces? We are pretty sure that you belong to one of the two categories. Well, if you are an art enthusiast, we also know what your most prized possessions are! Beautiful and inspiring oil paintings - aren’t they? 


Like all other cherished assets, oil paintings also require special attention, care, and maintenance so it looks as vibrant as its original form. The thing with oil painting on canvas is that the continuous exposure to moisture, dust and harsh weather on account of the display makes them dirty too soon, inviting regular cleaning. 


How can I clean an art picture, you may ask? Many people believe it’s just like cleaning anything else, and all that it needs is a wet swap and a sturdy hand! Well, that’s not true. Cleaning a painting is no less an art, than painting the artwork itself! Therefore, we’ve master-crafted 5 things that you should know about cleaning an oil painting that will help you make them as new, fresh, and attractive.

A trompe-l'oeil A palette with a spatula and paint brushes, an engraving, an oil painting, and a drawing with a pen and compass on a wooden partition by Jean-Francois de Le Motte - Reproduction Oil Painting


Know Your Painting before Cleaning


All oil paintings are not the same. They have different textures, mediums, base materials, and ages in terms of the number of years since they have received the finishing touch. For this very reason, it is important to know that different kinds of oil paintings must be treated in a variety of ways. 


Therefore, the first and foremost step while cleaning an oil painting or an oil painting reproduction is to know your painting well enough to determine what works for you, and what won’t. You should pay attention to the texture and see if the texture is flawlessly smooth or has thickened lumps. Another criterion is to know the age of the painting for more careful cleaning. Also, it’d be wise to check if the base material is canvas or hardboard. 

Keep it Simple


Notwithstanding the kind of painting you wish to clean, it’s always good to keep the cleaning process simple, and effective. By keeping it simple, we mean the use of mild cleaning products, gentle hands and have some restraint while you do the honors! 


A soft brush to dust and some soap-water coupled with a sponge or a cotton cloth can work wonders when done right. The use of harsh formula and severe force will do irreversible damage to the masterworks which you will regret in some time. 

Your Saliva Can Do The Magic!


While many won’t be aware of it, human saliva has amazing cleansing and anti-bacterial properties, that can be used to gently clean and brighten up oil paintings! The best part about using saliva to clean the marvelous artworks is that it cleanses long-accumulated dust and grease from the painting.


What’s even better is the fact that it’s not strong enough to cause any damage to the piece of art. That’s a perfect balance which is required, isn’t it? Try dipping a cotton bud in your saliva, gently brush it through the dusty painting, and see the magic for yourself!

Precaution is better than cure


Having understood the magnitude and the importance of the task of cleaning an oil painting, it becomes even more important to exercise the precautions associated with it. It is highly recommended to start cleaning from a corner of your painting before going all out with it to look for any possible adverse reactions.


No matter how tempted you are to dust your new acquisition, do not attempt to clean if it isn’t at least 2-3 years old for it may be severely damaged. Also, to ensure there is no leftover from the detergent or cleaner that you used to clean a painting, it’s advised to rinse the painting using a clean water-soaked cloth and rinse it with a dry, soft towel.

Professional Help is Always worth It


No matter how confident you may feel about cleaning your painting on your own, there are certain magnum opuses that need special attention. After all, they are too precious and amazingly beautiful to be risked to a casual cleansing exercise. 


 In such cases, it’s always better to take professional help from the people or agencies that are into the business of oil painting reproduction. This incredible professional help can be in the form of advice on oil painting cleaning and maintenance. You can even get the cleaning done from the professional agency dealing in painting online as well as offline. 


 Now that you are well-versed in the nitty-gritty of cleaning the invaluable oil paintings, they will stay newer and fresher than ever. 

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Each romantic relationship is individual in its way. Based on love, a unique connection is formed between people, saturated with its shades, nuances of perception, and factors of outside influence. In this case, the very first experience of falling in love has one unique quality, which is expressed in the further influence on subsequent relationships. People can meet many partners on their life journey, but most of all, the first relationship that opened up an understanding of new feelings and emotions will be remembered.

All relationships (and especially those that happen for the first time) are extremely important for personal development. Having been born, we gain experience from relationships with parents; when we get older, we take the example of brothers and sisters, we absorb the mentoring of teachers; and when we reach adolescence, we trust the role of the main influencers to friends, thanks to whom we open up the unstable world of romantic relationships. Romancecompass.com explains why this happens and what can be expected from the first love experience in the future.

First love gives us vivid memories

This laughter and smile of the one you loved can cause pleasant sensations in the chest and butterflies in the stomach. Bright eyes look at you like no one else. First love captures a lot of senses. Together with emotions, it creates memories that are hard to erase.

It gives understanding what you want and what to stay away from

Imagine that you went on a long-awaited trip and returned with a bunch of impressions or disappointments. When someone asks you how it was, you know what to tell, right? The same is with your first love – having experienced this “trip”, you will know exactly what you gained, what you lost and what you want, moving on. So, tell about it to yourself.

It helps us believe that love exists

First love changes our perception of the world and this is a fact. After all, these are completely new, unfamiliar and such pleasant experiences. Sometimes, in moments of despair, we think: is it really possible to love? And recalling our experience, we are convinced of this.

First love teaches us to value and love another person more than yourself

Love is the best cure for your ego. For the first time in our lives, we realize that someone may be more important to us (than we are). And we begin to sacrifice everything for this person. We watch films that we don’t like but our soulmate loves, we visit places where we never thought to go because our partners wanted to go there. Love is a kind of compromise. And this is the very first lesson we learn after this relationship. And without this lesson, we will not be able to stay in other relationships for a long time and, especially, to create a family. 

We learn from mistakes

About 80% of people have a bad first love experience. But this is a plus because a person’s personality is tempered precisely through trials and difficult situations. So, the first failure is the only possible springboard to love victories. Without the experience of unsuccessful love, you will not learn to value the relationships you have now. Besides, after the first serious romance, in people, an already well-developed intuition exacerbates.

Your first love reflects your youth

Over time, thoughts about your first love are not just directed to where you were at that moment in your life. It can direct to the memories of your youth – memories, which seem pleasant when you look at it now. Remembering your first love may lead to a desire to return to that nice time.

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Herbs have always held immense importance in the lives of millions across the globe. All of us get anxious at some point in our lives and feel the scarcity of peace. This is where herbs play a pivotal role in providing peace to the mind. Whether it's about meeting a daily deadline in office or swifting through daughter’s exam papers, stress is always after all of us.

The first warning signal that all of us get is when the body is exhausted and different parts start aching. So whether you get an anxiety attack or go through casual nervousness, herbs are known for providing a calming effect to the brain. Following is a list of a few herbs that have the power to relax the mind:

Photo: www.thespruceeats.com/

1.  Ginger

Ginger has a long history of being associated with enhancing the quality of life. It is an aromatic herb, which is a natural remedy for anxiety. It has Gingerol as a natural antioxidant that helps in providing a peaceful effect on the brain. It produces counter chemicals, which helps in canceling out the negative hormones in the brain. Keep in mind, stress can lead to an upset stomach and even worse. This is where ginger comes to rescue and aids digestion. So next time you have a headache, don’t forget to take a cup of ginger tea.

2.  Kratom

It is a tropical herb that grows in Southeast Asia. It has roots in several parts of the globe and has over 100 million fans. Although kratom has no proven health benefits for the body, frequent consumers claim it provides relaxation to the brain from anxiety and stress. People would traditionally chew its boiled leaves but very often like to consume it as a beverage in today’s time. The best way to consume kratom tea is to buy kratom crazy powder online and infuse it in hot water.

3.  Chamomile

This herb dates back to thousands of years and was used by the Romans and Greeks. It is known for its calming effect on the brain and is widely available across the globe. Recent studies suggest, chamomile is not just a relaxing herb but equally works to reduce anxiety in the brain. Chamomile has several active ingredients that help in reducing stress such as phenolic acids, flavonoids, antioxidant compounds and quinones.

4.  Brahmi

This herb is very popular across the globe because of produces a chemical, which promotes relaxation in the brain. This herb has the quality of increasing the cognitive function of the body as well as helping it cope with stress. Once you take the first sip of Brahmi tea, you will feel peace and restlessness in the brain. Although it serves partially as a sedative, it enhances the dulling of the mind. If you’re working in an office, you must drink its tea to improve your focus and clarity.

5.  Tulsi

Chronic stress is toxic for the body because it gives birth to several other medical conditions such as high blood pressure, nervous breakdown, heart disease, weight loss, and a lot more. Tulsi is powerful enough because it interacts with the free radicals to interact with the negative chemicals of the brain. The Ayurvedic theory recommends people to consume this herb daily. This is because it helps in adopting psychological and mental stress.

6.  Lavender

Lavender is one such herb, which has a long history of serving people since ancient times. The most common use of this herb is as a hair oil because it helps in strengthening the scalp. Extensive research proves lavender doesn’t only help in reducing anxiety but also induces positivity in the brain. Lavender is believed to react with the central nervous system of the brain. It helps in combating anxiety and stress in a short time. Ever heard of cortisol? It is a stress hormone that takes a big toll on the mind; lavender can help in cutting down its production.

Amy Rehan is a guest post manager at Globex Outreach. Her job is to ensure all guest post projects are completed on time and according to client’s requirements. 

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Photo: www.thespruceeats.com/

Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city, so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular place to visit throughout the year. Much like other cities, you’ll never get bored on a stay here, and among the bustling commuter districts and busy tourist spots, there are many hidden gems to explore. Of course, you can’t forget sinking your teeth into an infamous Philly cheesesteak either!

There is so much to see and do in the city. So check out some of the top spots to get a taste of this incredible location. Photo: AtlasObscura.com

1. Discovering Philly’s Rich History

No visit to the city would be complete without a stop at some of the area’s most historic locations. For instance, Independence Hall is the spot where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution was signed. Plus, you can see the Liberty Bell that was rung during the Declaration’s first reading. The Museum of the American Revolution is also a top spot to visit and is filled with treasures and artifacts of this period. 

2. Wells Fargo Center 

Any sports fan will want to head to this fantastic location to appreciate the scale of its presence in the city. Here you can watch a host of games of the beloved Philadelphia 76ers and enjoy a range of restaurants and bars to get you in the mood before a big game. You’ll find a selection of NBA ticket sales sites to get the best price on tickets. Plus, there’s also the opportunity to buy on the door if you get in quick. 

3. Philadelphia Museum of Art

As one of the largest museums in the world, you won’t be short of collections to view at this impressive location. The museum building itself is a sight to behold, and once you step inside the doors, you’ll be immersed in the grand scale of its beauty. You could spend a whole day admiring the collections. Plus, you might just catch a glimpse of some famous artists such as Picasso, Eakins, and Kahlo, to name a few. 

4. Schuylkill River Trail

If you’re looking to get a little active on your trip, why not take a walk or cycle along the Schuylkill River Trail. This 26.5-mile route takes you from the city center to Phoenixville and follows the river for a beautiful and scenic adventure. In the summer months, there is a host of events along the way, including outdoor cinemas, kayaking tours, and often free yoga. 

5. LOVE Park

You’ve probably seen the pictures all over Instagram, so you’ll know a trip to the city wouldn’t be complete without a photo opportunity at LOVE Park. Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture is located here, and it provides the perfect spot to admire the green spaces and water fountain. This area is also a prime place for food trucks, so you can also enjoy a range of Philly specials while you check out the city. 

These are just a few of the top places to visit on vacation in Philly, so be sure to add them to your list. 

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According to one survey, 11.5 million US citizens hunted on protected lands in 2016. Hunting remains a popular American pastime, accounting for as much as 10% of all outdoor leisure activity in the country. Pennsylvania is not immune to the hunting bug, counting itself as the state with the greatest density of self-confessed enthusiasts in the country.

Fall is coming, so it’s time to dust off those extra layers and perhaps think about investing in a few new pieces of kit. A quality merino wool base layer is a year-round asset for the discerning hunter but really comes into its own as we head into colder times.Image result for hunting

What you choose to take on the hunt is up to you, but here’s our breakdown of some happy hunting right on your doorstep here in Pennsylvania.

1. Bow Hunt Deer in Philadelphia

This time last year, there was good news for Philadelphia-based bow hunters when the Interior Department approved deer hunting in a wildlife refuge conveniently located within the city limits. The new legislation approved bow hunting for a short period each year on the thousand acre expanse of land adjacent to Philadelphia International.

2. Stalk Black Bears in Tioga County

Situated in northcentral Pennsylvania is Tioga County, which is home to vast swathes of publicly accessible forestry and produced the largest black bear harvest last year. The surrounding Counties of Clinton, Lycoming, Huntingdon and Potter are also productive bear hunting territories, so consider trying your luck there as well.

3. Put an Armstrong County Turkey on the Table this Thanksgiving

Fall turkey hunting is a Pennsylvania pastime with an annual harvest of 15,000 turkeys. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than by putting your own turkey on your Thanksgiving table? Bear in mind, fall hunting is more strictly regulated than in the spring. Biologists have identified Armstrong County as a turkey hotspot at this time of year along with portions of Jefferson, Clarion, Venango, Indiana and Butler. However, there are regions of the state that do not permit turkey hunting at this time of year.

4. Sneak Up On a Bobcat in the Northern Forests

Lurking in the Pennsylvania woodlands is an elusive predator rarely seen by most people. This makes the challenge of trapping one all the more inviting. Pennsylvania’s bobcat population is growing by 4-6% year-on-year with up to 80% of the state. Hunting season starts in December, so you may have to be a little patient. But, hunting bobcats is a challenge and it helps to have time to prepare.

5. Bag a Brute in Benezette, Elk County

No prizes for guessing what kind of prey you’ll be hunting here. General Elk season is November 4-9, 2019. Benezette, in the aptly named Elk County is the heart of 3,500 square miles of the gargantuan herbivore’s territory, much of which is also situated in scenic Cameron County. Get your application in early, as the relevant authorities issue a low number of tags relative to the proportion of hunters looking to take down a big elk.

As you can see, Pennsylvania is blessed with a bounty of biodiversity and exciting ecology. Now all that’s left is for you to get out there and explore it.


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Photo: mossyoak.com

Philadelphia is an amazing place to live and work. One thing the city lacks, though, is nature. Like most other cities in the U.S., Philly isn’t particularly blessed with a lot of trees, lakes, and wildlife.


Fear not, however, as there are plenty of places to escape to across the length and breadth of America that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors. All you need to do is book a well-deserved vacation from work, and make the effort to go out and enjoy them!


Read on to find four of the best states to discover the U.S.’s great outdoors.

1.  Utah


As soon as you catch a glimpse of Utah’s natural scenery, you’ll be sure to fall in love with it. The ‘Beehive State’ is home to a number of awe-inspiring National Parks, each of which has its own distinct ecosystems and landscapes. There is Zion and its dramatic mesas, Canyonlands and its ‘Island in the Sky,’ Capitol Reef and its unique rock formations, and there is Bryce Canyon and its sandstone hoodoos. Grand Canyon


In order to get the most out of a visit to the latter, Bryce Canyon National Park, you should be sure to book yourself a place on Bryce Canyon ATV Tours. If you do, you’ll be able to cover much more ground than you would do on foot, meaning you’d be able to see more of this stunning outdoor area in less time.

2. Florida Keys


If you fancy being able to top up your tan while you enjoy America’s great outdoors, then you should head to Florida Keys. In particular, you should head to its southernmost key, as that is where you are going to find the sun at its hottest. Here, you’ll also be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll see tropical islands, and you’ll stumble across jumbled mangroves.

3. North Carolina


North Carolina boasts a landscape like none other found in North America. Here, the earth undulates wildly, rising as high as the Appalachian Mountains in the west and falling as low as the Outer Banks on the east coast. In-between these highs and lows, you’ll find dense forests sprawling across the land.


One thing is for certain: North Carolina really does have it all.

4. Arizona


If shrub-tufted deserts are more your thing, then you should head to Arizona. In particular, you should head to its outback. Here, you’ll find rocky outcrops, deep gorges, and lonely American roads (complete with tumbleweed, to boot).


Of course, no visit to enjoy Arizona’s great outdoors would be complete without a trip to the Grand Canyon. This UNESCO World Heritage Site plummets nearly 5,000 kilometers into the earth, making it one of the world’s most remarkable and most famous natural wonders. If you’re a keen Instagrammer, this is definitely a place that you should visit at least once in your lifetime — the photo opportunities are endless!


 Do you feel an urge to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? Fortunately, there are plenty of places dotted across the U.S. that will allow you to truly immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

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You’ve finally done it: the moving vans are packed and on their way to your new place, and you’ve got your old life in a suitcase. Moving into a new home is an exciting but overwhelming feeling. With so much potential, but also so much to do, it’s easy to forget what actually needs to be done. Picking out a day to get the paperwork and admin done means you can kick back and relax once you have everything in order.

photo: moving.com

Change suppliers

This one requires the most paperwork: devoting some time to switching all of your suppliers is one of the best items to tick off your list first. Create a list and check them off one at a time:


 -Gas (if applicable)



 -Cable and Internet

Once you’ve written it out, it doesn’t look so long. Getting this completed well in advance means that you won’t be stuck waiting for your Wi-Fi to be connected, or find yourself contacting the water company to inform them that the bill lying on the welcome mat doesn’t belong to you. Therefore, there is no time like the present to get on with it and switch over all of your accounts.

Handy tradespeople

Having handy tradespeople that you can call in an emergency is vital when you’ve moved into a new home. While you’ve hopefully had surveyor round to tick off any potential problems, you don’t know your new place as well as you did with your old abode. You might have missed a leaky tap here and there, or not noticed that broken door knob in one of the bedrooms. Instead of attempting these fixes without any knowledge, hop online and search “handyman near me” to find assistance near your new home. 

Do an inventory of when you arrive 

In fact, to be more specific, make an inventory of everything you have packed into boxes – even if it’s just a rough guide. For instance, you could write down “Red plastic box: full of books.” This means that when you arrive at your new place, you can check off everything as it’s unpacked. This saves you from realizing two months down the line that you’re missing a box full of belongings. It also means that you can notify the moving company sooner rather than later that you have something missing. 

Pack some absolute essentials 

This is useful for just before you move, however, it’s a good idea to get your ducks in a row well before you leave. Before you start putting your life into boxes, be sure to ask yourself: what can I not live without? This suitcase full of essentials should be able to see you through the transitional period in your new home. It should include toiletries, plenty of clothes and a few creature comforts to stop you from feeling completely alienated. 

Forward mail

Many people have experienced the frustration of realizing that a long-awaited letter is sitting in the mailbox of your old home. Thankfully, you can easily do this online. This saves any unwanted hassle or awkward phone conversations with the new residents of your old home. 

As well as sorting out the technical formalities, remember to change your billing address or delivery address on any subscriptions you may have. This may be worth doing on the same day that you change your utilities over. 

Any unwanted items?

Once you’ve completed packing and have organized everything into boxes, you may discover you’re not as attached to some items as you once thought. This is a good opportunity to decide what you do and don’t want to sell. Online selling hosts can be a bit of a slow way to flog any unwanted items, so you may wish to consider a pre-move yard sale. After all, moving is an expensive venture, and so raising some funds from your old knick knacks might not be such a bad idea. 


They often say that moving house is one of the most stressful undertakings a person can go through. The reason for this is in part down to the juggling act that takes place in order to transfer your old life into a new home. Arguing with family members, disagreeing over who forgot what and accidental breakages are all part of the parcel. To make life easier, create a list. This way, you at least have one aspect of moving home that you can control: how you organize your time.

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Photo: moving.com

Running a business for the first time can feel incredibly daunting, and everyone feels out of their depths at first. Learning how to become a good business owner takes time, and there are sure to be a few bumps along the way, but if you are committed to succeeding and willing to step out of your comfort zone, then you have every chance of success.


It can also be helpful to know a few tips when first starting out, which will help you to quickly develop your base set of skills and develop your confidence from the start. Read on for a few tips.

Build A Good Support Team

Starting a New Business? Consider the Following

No one can take a company to the top without good support around them - you may be the captain of the ship, but you still need a solid team to succeed. In addition to having skilled and passionate workers, this will also involve having a good support network at home. Many new business owners also find it helpful to have an entrepreneur who can provide guidance and support when first starting out.

Be A Good Leader

Although you need to have a good team around you, it is vital that you are able to lead if you are at the helm. While some people are better leaders naturally than others, you can develop leadership skills which will be vital if you are to find success as a business owner. You can develop these skills by taking classes, attending seminars, reading books, joining online communities, etc.

Make Entrepreneurship A Part Of Your Life

For the most successful business owners, entrepreneurship is a way of life and a key part of their identity. Immerse yourself in the world by reading everything that you can, attending events and joining communities - in addition to furthering your knowledge and helping you to stay current, this can also be a great way to grow your network.

Network Constantly

Leading on from this, it is important that you are always networking when you become a business owner. This can help to increase brand awareness, open up new doors and allow you to find people who could be helpful down the line. Much of today’s networking is carried online, which can be effective. However, do not underestimate the impact that meeting someone face-to-face and shaking their hand can have. 

Embrace New Technology

Technology and business have always been closely intertwined but never more so than today. There have been so many amazing advances in recent times which can help in many different areas of business. A great modern-day business owner will be familiar with the latest technology and know how to implement it into their business operation.

Grow Your Skill Set

Every great entrepreneur has a thirst for knowledge that never stops. Growing your skill set can help you to be a better business owner and increase your abilities. If you were to earn an MBA in accounting from somewhere like https://online.suffolk.edu/programs/mba/accounting, for example, then you could use this knowledge to improve the financial side of your company without the need for hiring a specialist.

Keep Costs Low

Following this, every business owner should regularly assess their business costs and identify ways that savings could be made without impacting quality. This is one of the best ways to maximize profit because it is an area in which you have control (unlike attracting new customers).

Be Bold

You must be bold when you are at the helm, particularly if you are trying to grow the company. This can involve taking risks which means that you need to be comfortable with stepping out of your comfort zone. If risks do not pay off then think about why they didn’t and use it as a learning experience. Although important to be bold and take risks, you must not be cavalier as a business owner and weigh up the pros and cons before making any major decisions. 

Work Hard But Look After Yourself

Many entrepreneurs glamorize working all hours of the day and much harder than anyone else, which can be a dangerous approach to take. While working hard is important and admirable, you must also know how to relax, look after yourself and have a life away from work. This means taking time off, socializing, exercising, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep. This will help you to stay happy, motivated and healthy and able to enjoy both your personal and professional life. Running a business for the first time is daunting, but these tips should help to reduce stress, hit the ground running, and start to develop key skills.


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Event: 'Sex and the City' Trivia at Punch Line Philly

Sex and the City Trivia

Hosted by 96.5 TDY’s Michael Bennett at Punch Line Philly

Ticket proceeds benefit the Pennsylvania SPCA

Address: 33 E Laurel Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Pre-party is from 5-7PM.


Trivia starts at 7PM.

We couldn’t help but wonder...are you a Carrie, a Samantha? Maybe you're the logical one and identify most with Miranda, or the traditional gal in the group, like Charlotte.

Whichever goddess you identify with, and whatever reason you love this series that reigns supreme, we want you there, and we want you to bring some friends.

Another reason to go back and binge watch Sex and the City? Um, okay. You have over a month, get to it! We're really, very excited for this one!

Combo ticket includes admission and 1 specialty drink.

Get your tickets now! -



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Image result for happy at work


We spend a large proportion of our lives at work, so it is important for our well-being and our health (both physical and mental) to be as happy as possible there. We can’t all find the perfect job – sometimes we need to work to pay the bills, and we might not enjoy it too much, but being happy will help immensely. It could even turn a job we dislike into one that we enjoy.


Here are some of the best ways to be happy at work and become a lot happier in life, too.

Choose Positivity

In many cases (although understandably not all) you can choose to be positive. Looking at the bright side of any situation is something we should all try to do – focusing on negative things will only make us feel more negative ourselves, and that will have a big impact on how we look at our work, and even how productive we are doing it.


When trying to be positive as much of the time as possible, you need to avoid the negative areas as much as you can. That means staying away from negative people and choosing to spend time with those who are also positive, as this will help you see the good in everything. The more you can be positive, the better and happier you will feel even if you are doing a task that isn’t to your taste.

Have A Hobby

A hobby is something to think about, especially if you don’t enjoy the job you are doing. Having something to look forward to at the end of the day such as a sport, something you collect, an artistic endeavor, or anything else that makes you feel good and happy will make an impact in how you feel.


If you don’t have a hobby and therefore nothing to take your mind off work, then perhaps it is time to start one. Thinking about what skills you have and what interests you, and search around for a way to incorporate it into your life. There are groups for all kinds of exciting, interesting things from archaeology to pottery to cycling and everything in between. There is sure to be at least one other person you can find to help you get started.

Be Happy At Home

If you are not happy at home, it will be hard to be truly happy in your job, and vice versa. Everything you do will impact your life, and even if you try to keep everything separate, it will leach over, and you will find that you are sitting at your desk thinking about the argument that you had with a loved one. Or you will be thinking about the fact that you can’t pay your credit card bill, and not focusing on the task at hand. This will make you unproductive, and you will be unhappy. You may even start to resent the work you have to do.


It is essential to deal with issues – at home or work – as soon as they arise to prevent them from becoming a distraction and something that makes you miserable all of the time. There are ways to fix every problem. If you can’t pay your bills, look at obtaining a consolidation loan to ease the pressure, and if your credit is poor search Crediful to find out how to fix it. If you are in an unhappy relationship, talk to one another about it, or seek the advice of a therapist. If you don’t like your job, look for another one. It is crucial that you work on being happy no matter what the reason for being unhappy might be.

Work On Career Development

If you want to be happy at work, then it could be that you do need to look for a new job where your skills will be put to better use. If that’s the case, make sure you spend enough time working on your career development. Take charge of your future and ensure that you get the training you need to move forward. This might mean going on a course in the evenings or learning more online, for example. If it is going to help you be happier at work, it is certainly worth doing.

You could stay in the sector you are currently working in, but look to find an employer and business that you prefer. Alternatively, you could start on a new career path. Do your research thoroughly and decide on what is going to work best for you and – importantly – make you happy.

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