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“Make Your Own Kind of Music” starts with Dexter in bed with Hannah (so it looks like she didn’t leave after all.) They profess their love for each other before he leaves to meet Dr. Vogel.


Dexter meets with Vogel at Zack’s studio and they discuss Zack’s demise. While they talk, Dexter searches the studio for clues about the killer and finds some that could have been left behind by Zack before he died.  Dexter vows to find the killer and avenge Zack’s murder. Elway speaks to Deputy Marshall Clayton about Hannah. He asks to be a part of the team, but is turned down.


Deb meets with Quinn and he tells her that Zack Hamilton is his person of interest in Cassie’s murder.  She heads right up to Dexter’s office to let him know and ask what his involvement is with the boy and Hannah.  Dexter tells her that he was helping Dr. Vogel and that Zack didn’t kill Cassie.  He also tells her that Zack is dead, although no one else knows it yet.


Dexter runs a text on the hair found in Zack’s studio and finds a familial match—to Dr. Vogel!  This means that the Brain Surgeon is related to her.  She tells him that she was once married and had two sons, but both are gone.  Her youngest, Richard, was murdered by her oldest, Daniel.  She explains that her oldest son was a psychopath and he is the reason that she entered her field.  She and her husband had said that Richard’s death was an accident and they put Daniel in an institution.  However, she was under the impression that Daniel had died in a fire years earlier.  Dexter thinks that it’s possible that Daniel faked his own death and is back committing the heinous murders.Photo: tv.yahoo.com


Dexter takes the picture that Vogel gives him and runs software to age it to Daniel’s age today.  He finds that Daniel Vogel is now Oliver Saxon- that man who was dating Cassie.  Batista brings Deputy Marshall Clayton in to meet Dexter and speak about Hannah McKay.  He tells Dexter he’s following up on a tip and wants to follow Dexter to make sure Hannah doesn’t try to make contact.  He also tells him that he’s getting the word out about her possibly being back in Miami and hopes to find her.


Dexter calls Hannah to warn her to lay low.  He then meets up with her and drives Hannah to pick up her money- since she shouldn’t be out by herself. Deb meets back up with Quinn and they once again discuss Cassie’s murder- and they also talk about Jamie and his relationship with her.


Dexter and Hannah arrive at Arlene’s house for the money.  While they’re there, Clayton shows up.  He sees Dexter there and demands to know why he’s there.  He pretends that he’s there to warn Arlene that Hannah might be back. Clayton questions Arlene about how she can afford her new house and Dexter tells him that he’s been helping her.


Deb heads to Dexter’s apartment so she can talk to Jamie about Cassie’s murder.  Jamie mentions Oliver and how he was really into the relationship, although Cassie didn’t seem to be into him the same way.  She calls Quinn and tells him that they should look into Oliver again.  They go to his home and ask him more questions.  Oliver’s answers contradict what Jamie had told Deb, so she’s suspicious of him.  Quinn tells Deb that it feels good to be working with her again and kisses her!  In the meantime, Dexter and Hannah manage to make a getaway from Arlene’s house.


Deb returns home and finds Dexter and Hannah waiting for her. He asks if Hannah can stay with her until he can get her out of Miami.  She reluctantly says yes and also tells him that she moved Quinn’s focus from Zack to Oliver.  Dexter tells her to be careful and will tell her why later.


Dexter goes to Oliver’s home and finds that he’s already moved out.  He finds a can in the trash and will test it to see if the DNA on it matches what he found in Zack’s studio.  While talking to Harrison about Hannah, Dexter gets an email that confirms that Oliver is Dr. Vogel’s son. He tells Vogel of his findings and she wants to know what he’ll do if he finds Oliver. She doesn’t want Dexter to kill him and feels she might have a second chance with her son.


Dexter lies and tells her that he won’t kill him, but wants her help in finding him.  She tells Dexter about a café that they used to visit when he was a child where he loved to play the song left behind for Dexter with Zack’s body.  Dexter tells Vogel that he thinks that Oliver is spying on her via spyware on her computer and asks her to write a fake blog entry about going to the café in order to get him to go there.


Dexter talks to Hannah about what is happening. He’s glad to have her there to talk to.  She wishes she could keep being there, but knows she has to leave and hopes that Dexter could go with her.  Dexter tells Hannah he and Harrison will go with her. Will he really?



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Matthews asks Batista if he knows where Zack Hamilton might be. His parents are concerned that they haven’t seen him and have filed a missing persons report.  Batista agrees to tell him if he hears anything and then goes to meet Deb to welcome her back to the force. She isn’t super happy about returning, but takes her shield with her. On her way out of the meeting she runs into Quinn and he tells her that Oliver has gone missing.  


Deb returns home and finds that Hannah has cleaned and is making dinner. Deb doesn’t seem interested in making what Hannah has made, which is understandable. Hannah sees Deb’s badge and asks if she’s returning to the force.  But Deb is unsure because of the fact that her brother is a serial killer and she’s harboring another in her home. She does end up sitting down to eat with Hannah and the two see to be grudgingly getting along.


Clayton shows up at Dexter’s apartment to check in and tell him that he thinks that the Hannah threat has died down and that he wants to pull his protective detail. Clayton still seems suspicious, though.


Deb goes back to the office and Elway questions her about Hannah and the fact that she used to date her brother.  Elway thinks she’s lying and is angry that she’d hold back the details.  He also tells Deb that she should rethink her position at the company and should leave if she doesn’t want to be there.


Dexter visits Vogel and they discuss how she will lure Daniel/Oliver to Dexter so that he can sedate him in order to bring him to a new facility. But Dexter doses her tea with a chemical that puts her to sleep so he could take care of Oliver his own way without her having to know what is happening.


As predicted, Oliver goes to the café and plays the song from his childhood over and over while he waits. Dexter waits for him outside and plans to follow him so that he can quietly grab him. Oliver knows that Dexter is watching him and looks right as him as he pulls out of the parking lot.  Dexter can’t follow him because the air has been let out of his tires. He is afraid that Oliver will head to Vogel and tries to call her. Dexter eventually gets to her house to warn her and she is angry that she’s been drugged.  She no longer wants his help and wants to handle things on her own now.  Dexter still plans to kill Oliver and will then leave with Hannah and Harrison to start a new life.


The show ends with Vogel and Oliver together…can they be a happy mother and son again??


Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.


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