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After what seemed like the longest two weeks ever, Dexter is back this week with episode 10, “Goodbye Miami.”


Vogel is still with her long lost son—she is acting like she’s his mom again, but he’s still angry with her for sending him away.  He feels that she cared more about his brother than him and is mad that she made more of an effort to help Dexter than she ever did for him.


Dexter tells Hannah that the search for her seems to be waning and the two discuss a game plan for leaving the country.  There is a lot to do before they can leave for Argentina and one of the main things he must do is continue with his plan to kill Daniel.  Deb arrives home and he tells her that they plan to flee together.  She’s not happy about their plan, which is not surprising.Photo: Showtime


Quinn and Jamie are having lunch together and she tells him about a job offer she has gotten in Atlanta.  She doesn’t want to go and leave him behind and he feels bad that she wants to stay in Miami because of him.


Dr. Vogel and Matthews meet so he can ask about the disappearance of Zack Hamilton. She doesn’t want to divulge any information about her patient. And even though he presses her for answers, she won’t give anything up.


Dexter is doing research on Daniel when he sees Vogel leaving Matthews’ office. She tells him why she is there and he tries to tell her that she is in danger. She assures him that her son won’t do anything and also admits that she’s seen Daniel.  She doesn’t want Dexter to find Daniel and kill him and thinks that she can once again have a good relationship with her son over time.  While pondering whether or not he should still pursue Daniel, Batista comes in to announce a new crime scene.


Deb meets Quinn for lunch and tells him that Dexter and Harrison will soon be leaving Miami, although she doesn’t tell him the real reason why.  She is upset, but he tries to tell her that Dexter’s leaving might be a good thing for him. She also tells him that she has her badge back.  Their lunch is cut short when he gets a text about the crime scene, too.


At the crime scene, they find a bike rider who was hit by a car.  Masuka’s daughter shows up, but he knows she is high and sends her home.  Dexter tells Batista that he will be leaving and Batista takes it surprisingly well.


Dexter tells Hannah that he still plans to kill Daniel before they leave and she wants him to do it quickly- so they can leave as soon as possible.



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Vogel once again encounters her son and he asks her to take a ride with him—although he assures her first that he doesn’t plan to hurt her.  He takes her to a psychiatric hospital and shows her that it is where he kills his victims and make her understand why he does what he does.  He also tells her he wants her to help him as she did for Dexter so he can exist in the world and be someone that she can love.  She agrees and promises to do whatever it takes.


Dexter goes to Vogel’s house and uses her hidden spare key to let himself in.  He finds spyware on the computer that Daniel installs and uses it to reverse the view and see Daniel’s computer.  He finds the videos that Daniel sent to her and sees the one that shows him killing Zack.


Batista is on the phone setting up a job posting for Dexter’s position when Deputy Marshall Clayton comes in.  He finds out that Dexter is leaving and pretty much figures out that Hannah is still in the picture—which is the real reason for his departure—although it isn’t the reason that Batista has given him.


Quinn asks Jamie if they can talk and admits that their relationship isn’t working out.  She thinks it is about Deb and he denies it.  She tells him that she will move out ASAP and leave him free to date Deb if he wants to. Deb arrives home to find Dexter, Hannah, and Harrison together.  She wants Dexter and Harrison to be happy, but is very upset and scared that they are leaving.  


Dexter calls Hannah while researching Argentina.  While on the phone, Vogel stops by to tell Dexter that moving with Hannah might be good for him.  He is suspicious of why Vogel wants him to leave and she admits that she wants him to leave Daniel alone so she can help him.  Dexter shows her the video he got from her computer and tells her that there is no hope for Daniel and that he will never change.  She seems to realize that perhaps Daniel cannot be helped.  Dexter asks her to set up a public meeting with Daniel and to call him and let him know the location so he can handle things.  Vogel asks Dexter not to let him suffer and leaves.  

While Deb plays outside with Harrison, she is approached by DM Clayton, who wants to ask her about Dexter and see if she knows anything about him and Hannah.  She denies knowing anything and when he leaves, she is definitely rattled.  They know that he has not backed down and now thinks that Dexter is helping Hannah hide.


Deb leaves to talk to Elway, who already knows that she plans to leave and is very unhappy with her decision.  He tells her that her office will be packed and her belongings will be sent to her. Elway then wishes her well.


Harrison is hurt while playing on Deb’s exercise bike. Deb calls Dexter but cannot reach him, so she must take him to the hospital herself and risk being seen.


Dexter sets up his kill room for Daniel, using a location and tricks he hasn’t used in a while.  


Meanwhile, Deb goes to the station and runs into Jamie, who is not so nice to her.  She tells Batista she will be coming back and he’s very happy.  Deb learns that Quinn ended his relationship with Jamie and she blames Deb for it.  Deb then confronts Quinn and he tells her that he ended things because he wasn’t happy and his kiss with Deb helped him realize it ever more. Quinn admits he still has feelings for Deb and she tells him that she still has feelings for him, too. They kiss and might just be back together.


The nurse from the ER speaks to DM Clayton and she tells him that the woman there looks like the picture of Hannah, but said she was Harrison’s mother. The signature on the log says Debra Morgan, but he knows better.


Dexter finally gets to see Harrison and Hannah and she tells him that she feels like she might be found out soon.  In the meantime, Vogel calls to tell him that Daniel is on the way to her house.  Dexter is unhappy that they aren’t meeting in a public place and he starts to go to her, but is torn between helping her and staying/protecting Hannah.


Vogel seems nervous around her son and he definitely notices, although she chalks it up to being tired.  But, he knows that she’s afraid. Dexter is on his way into the house when his phone rings.  Daniel has Vogel in the window and cuts her throat for once again choosing the wrong son before Dexter can go inside.  


Only two episodes left—what will next week bring?!?!



Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.


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