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Dexter’s second to last episode, “Monkey in a Box,” got a bit of a late start, but it was worth the extra few minutes we had to wait!


It starts off with Dexter cleaning up after finding Dr. Vogel dead and also removing info from her office that could possibly implicate him.  The police and crime scene techs arrive.  Dexter is interviewed, but is not allowed to work the scene.


Dexter heads to Deb’s house and tells her that Vogel has been murdered by Saxon and that he plans to go after him.  Hannah starts to show him the plans that she’s made for them to leave. Dexter also tells her of the murder and that he will use his last two days in Miami taking care of business.


Dexter meets with a realtor and they discuss selling his apartment.  He also meets with a potential buyer for his boat- officially making this move very real.


After heading to the office, Dexter begins researching places where Saxon might be and finds an abandoned hospital that looks promising.  While doing so, Masuka comes in to tell him that they found no fingerprints or trace evidence at Vogel’s crime scene that will help them find the killer.  Photo: Showtime


Masuka’s daughter comes in to tell Dexter that someone is in the interrogation room that needs his attention.  It’s Saxon, who has come under the pretense of clearing his name from Cassie’s murder.  He is alarmed that Dexter will take a DNA sample from him, but lets him take it.  Quinn lets him go and Dexter finds Deb (who has returned to work) to tell him what just happened.  The realize that the DNA sample will not tie him to Vogel and out him- as her son who was previously thought to be dead.


Dexter heads to the hospital in search of Saxon and finds his kill room, where he uncovers a laptop in a secret cabinet compartment.  On it are videos of all of his kills.  


Deb is in the office working when Deputy Marshall Clayton comes in looking for her.  He asks her about the blonde woman who brought Harrison into the ER and signed her name.  She told him that it was her who brought Harrison in and that the nurse who ID’d Hannah’s picture was wrong.  Clayton leaves, but says he’ll keep in touch.


Dexter, Deb, and other members of the force attend Vogel’s funeral service and then head to Papa’s Café for a drink.  Deb tells Dexter that everyone will miss him once he leaves and Matthews tells him that he is welcome back if he ever wants to return.  Dexter talks with Quinn and they discuss Quinn and Deb getting back together.  While there, his realtor calls and tells him that there is a buyer who wants to meet him and is willing to offer him cash if they could meet.  But, before he leaves, he talks to Batista, who calls for a toast in Dexter’s honor.  


Dexter shows up for his meeting with the buyer and finds Saxon with his realtor. The realtor begins her sales pitch, but Saxon asks if Dexter can show him around himself.  Once she leaves, Saxon tells Dexter that he has a proposal for him.  He asks that they both walk away from each other and forget about each other.  He confesses that killing his mother was a test—that he gave her one last chance to choose her and slit her throat when she didn’t.  He tells Dexter that if he comes after him he will lose, just like his mother did.  Saxon also brings up his sister, children, and even Hannah—who could all end up disappearing if Dexter continues to hunt him.


Clayton meets with Elway and tells him that he thinks that Hannah is at Deb’s house.  He asks him to help by looking around.



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Deb returns home to find Hannah once again cooking.  Elway shows up soon after and Hannah must hide so she isn’t seen.  He pretty much pushes his way through, tells her that he has some personal items that she left behind and also wants to apologize for how he acted when she left.  She tells Elway to leave and he does, but she knows that he is suspicious.  Hannah calls Dexter to tell him what happened and he rushes to Deb’s house. When he gets there he tells them about his meeting with Saxon. Hannah and Deb urge him to leave early, but he still feels as if he must continue with his plan. Deb drives Hannah to a motel near the airport and they discuss Dexter.  


Dexter goes back to his apartment to send a video to WGYK Miami that will out Saxon for who he really is.  He realizes that his need to kill has lessened since Hannah has come back into his life, but it is still there when it comes to Saxon.


Masuka’s daughter delivers a DNA report to Quinn and Deb and they see that Saxon is related to Vogel.  Deb goes to see Dexter and tells him what has happened and that a warrant has been issued for his arrest.  She has brought food and wants to stay and eat, but Dexter tells her that he’s expecting company and she can’t be there.  But Deb won’t let anything stand in the way of spending one last night with her brother, so she stays and cooks.


In the meantime, her house is being tossed around by the US Marshals, but it has been wiped clean so no trace of Hannah is found.  However, they do find her Internet search and realize that they might be heading to Argentina.


Dexter and Deb sit down to enjoy their meal and it is weird that he will soon be gone.  She is sad that he’s leaving and is afraid that she can’t live without him, but he tells her that she’ll be fine. She assures him that he is a good person inside, and not just because of The Code. While they are talking, a news report comes on and announces that they have received footage of Saxon’s grisly murders. He tells her that this is the reason that she must leave.


Saxon is pumping gas when he hears of the footage and is angry.  He hops in his truck and heads to Dexter’s apartment, where Dexter is literally lying in wait for him.  Saxon approaches him with a knife, but is surprised by not only Dexter, but also Deb. Dexter tranquilizes him and Deb leaves so Dexter can do what he has been waiting to do.


He brings Saxon to his own kill room and when he comes to, they have an almost friendly discussion before Dexter gets to work doing what he does best. Saxon tells Dexter that he hopes that he doesn’t wake up and stab Hannah, but Dexter confesses his immense love for her.  This revelation seems to knock any last bit of murderous need out of him. Instead of killing Saxon, he calls Deb to come and make an arrest.  Deb shows up and doesn’t realize that Clayton is following her.  She heads inside and Dexter tells her to arrest Saxon and gives her a story to tell her co-workers.  


Before she does, they head outside and say what should be their final goodbyes before Dexter leaves, which he does. Deb calls it in, but before she can return to the room, Clayton goes inside and finds Saxon, who tells him that he has been abducted.  Clayton foolishly releases him and he stabs Clayton. Deb comes in while this is happening and he shoots her.  She manages to call this in, too, but it doesn’t look good for her.


Dexter heads to his apartment to pack up the last of his things, completely unaware of what is happening.  Hannah is at the airport waiting for him and doesn’t realize that Elway is on her tail.

The show ends with Dexter and Harrison heading out to meet her. 

OMG!!  One episode is left!!  Will Deb survive?? Dexter?? How will it all end????


Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.


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