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Philadelphia Neighborhoods: Exploring Your Options

Imagine waking up each morning in a neighborhood that may have been made just for you, with friends and neighbors that exemplify the qualities and values you appreciate most. Our town is what we make it, and Philly's residents make it a great one. To the sports fan and the housewife, to the nature enthusiast and the biker, we bring to you the neighborhoods that will enliven your senses and bring out the true you. Be yourself and enjoy a life in Philly.

Philadelphia is a wonderful conglomeration of very unique and distinct neighborhoods, cultures, influences, and backgrounds. We see that reflected in the architecture, the food, the art, and the fun things to do in the area, and as visitors travel from one area to the next, they may be surprised at the differences. For people looking for that perfect neighborhood – that place to settle down and be yourself – there are a few things to consider before buying or renting a home there.Photo: destination360.com

The character in these areas is another symptom of the numbers of passionate people who call Philadelphia home. The culture here is very… possessive. We make things our own, and then work hard to protect it. This has, of course, led to certain incidents. (Throwing batteries at J.D. Drew during a baseball game and pelting a Santa Claus with snowballs at a Christmas-time football game come to mind. Even if the Santa incident was 45 years ago, it’s the kind of thing people refuse to forget. Still, it all goes to show the level of dedication the people here express.

So how do you find the neighborhood that matches your own personality and interests? Where do you even start looking? Obviously, there’s a lot of subjectivity to these kinds of questions, but if we start by examining the personality in some of these areas, we can find the area that matches your interests. Whether you’re an artist, academic, sports fan, or anything else, there’s a place for you in Philly.

Sports Enthusiasts

Let’s start with those die-hard sports fans we’re so famous for. In Philadelphia there’s only one place to go if you want to be close to your favorite pro teams and that’s out towards the sports complex. Since the city placed Citizens Bank Park, the Wells Fargo Center, and Lincoln Financial Field all in one location, it makes the choice a lot easier.

citizens bank park

The great thing about the sports complex is that it is located closer to the outskirts of the big city, which means no one has to deal with absurd levels of congestion downtown whenever the Phillies are playing at home. There’s plenty to do in the area, and all of the stadiums contribute to an organization that supports and protects the community interests. There are around 9,000 residents living 4,100 homes around the area. While not all of them are going to be sports fans, you will definitely find the seriously dedicated in this neighborhood.

Art Aficionados

The art scene is alive and thriving in this city. We’ve always been a welcoming home for artists and creative individuals, and this sentiment is a major part of the overall feel of our urban and suburban neighborhoods. Northern Liberties, for example, has become a haven for those of an artistic mind. It was once a manufacturing district, but the cheap studio space was enough to coax a lot of struggling artists up this way. Now, the neighborhood has a significant impact on the culture around it, too, and in places like Fishtown you’ll see where a lot of the same personality has spilled over into the art, music, food, and fun.

The Educated Masses

Over in University City, you’ll find the kind of area that is influenced by the academic community. Which is to say: there’s a lot of great student housing in the area, but there are also some wonderful places for the people who make their living in academia and research. This area is home to the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, so it’s filled with a vibrant energy and a lot of unique restaurants, shopping opportunities, and learning experiences.

Cultural ExpertsPhoto: Aileen Bannon

Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the country, and it is absolutely filled with opportunities to get into the culture. If you enjoy history, culture and fine art museums, you might want to look around Fairmount, or just outside the city in historical Newtown Square for a great home. You’ll find the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Franklin Institute, historical churches, homes and more. The culture goes further than the museums, though, and you’ll see a lot of historical influence on the buildings and people in the area.

Finding the ideal home in Philadelphia isn’t hard, and there are so many different neighborhoods, each with its own history and personality, that you can help you feel immediately at home. Of course, even if you’re not sure where you’d like to settle down, you still don’t have to worry. When you start to feel the infectious energy of the people around you, you’ll start to fit right in wherever you go.

Doug Raymond grew up in Idaho, and has worked in and around home construction and real estate for most of his life. He is interested in home building, construction, architecture, interior design, landscaping, green living, writing, blogging, internet marketing, travel, sports, and the outdoors.

You can find Doug on his Google Plus profile and at  doug428raymond@gmail.com 

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Neighborhood photo: destination360.com

CBP photo: press.visitphilly.com

Art museum photo: Aileen Bannon