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Halloween is next week but I have many things to do. I have to prepare costumes for my family members, decors for house and candies. Decors are dispensable and make impression on players. Taking part in this holiday after a few years, I realized that saving money on Halloween decorations isn't difficult at all. I will share some tips for you. 


1. Make a list of what you need. Decide what you really want to use and reject something unnecessary. It sounds simple but it's helpful to save money.  


2. Grow pumpkins. Lacking pumpkins, Halloween isn't Halloween anymore. Apart from being a food, Pumpkins can be used to decorate the front door or passages. Hanging a pumpkin with some dry branches and a black raven makes my house more mysterious.  Photo: kidzworld.com


3. Be creative and make Halloween become your own holiday. Instead of buying outside, do something special yourself. On each Halloween season, I often make wool wreaths or paper lanterns. Sticking a horror decal on the door is very interesting. Decal's themes can be a ghost with a grin or a vampire with a prey on hand or even a no-leaf tree with an owl or a raven. They are easy-to-make and beautiful. Especially, your products are second to none. 


4. Borrow or swap with neighbors or relatives. While I don't want to reuse some little things which were used last year, I swap with my neighbors. I have something new for my house on Halloween and my neighbors are, too.  


5. Look for coupon codes. Online shops with attractive coupon codes help me save a lot of money. Many products for Halloween holiday are on sale off up to 60% . My favorite stores are Target and Kohl’s. Spending less and buying more are great. 


6. Buy at dollar stores. To get the lowest prices, visit dollar stores. Something such as candy or paper plates and cups is amazingly cheap.  


7. Make use of something available. It's time to change the usage of white bench cloth, drapes and toilet paper. With these apparatuses, I can make dummies, ghosts and mummies in my garden and even in my house.  


8. Notice light and special effects. Turn off all the light. I like using candles to make my house glistening and mysterious. Put a Jack-o'-lantern as a centerpiece. Turn on horror sounds of grin, sobbing, grind, wolf's howl and so on. A smoke injection also contributes horror for my house.  


9. Buy next year's decorations on November? One year only has a Halloween event. After this day, everything served for this holiday isn't temporarily used. That's why on the first day of November, they are discounted or sell-out. Purchasing in advance this year is more convenient and cheaper than doing next year. I suggest hitting the online shops, dollar stores and supermarkets to be ready for the next Halloween.

Hope that my tips above are helpful and your Halloween party will be impressive and mysterious. Wish your success on Halloween decorations!

This article is brought to you by Tiffany Faming. She is a passionate writer, English teacher and proud mom of two sons. She loves to write on home décor, custom gifts, saving money. Please visit here to see more useful tips.

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Photo: kidzworld.com