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It has been close to 20 years since the Sixers drafted Allen Iverson with their first overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft.  Since then, the team hasn’t come close to having a superstar match Iverson’s popularity. Andre Iguodala didn’t turn out to be a true superstar, while Michael Carter-Williams is only in his second season in Philadelphia, and the fans are still getting to know him.


On the other hand, Joel Embiid hasn't even played a game yet in a Sixers uniform, but you can already tell he’s going to be a star.Photo: Bleacherreport.com


Unfortunately, I didn't get to know or watch Embiid play much during his time at Kansas University. When I did, he was outshined by teammate Andrew Wiggins and was injured for a good part of the season.


Immediately after seeing Embiid get drafted by the Sixers, however, I knew he was going to be a star. Even though I heard discussions regarding Embiid’s play from media and sports commentators, I wanted to see for myself.


Soon after the Sixers drafted Embiid, I immediately went on YouTube to see the positives and negatives of his game. When it came to centers, Embiid already would seem to have one of the best offensive games in the league  Along with solid form, Embiid has a nice post game and shot (he also hit a couple threes in a few of the highlights).


However, what caught my attention that I didn't see from him in college or through his highlight videos was Embiid’s open and fun personality. He’s gained a lot of attention from his Twitter account (@JoelEmbiid), even using the social media site as a way to court beautiful pop superstar Rihanna!



Overall, Embiid, unlike Iverson, has been in the news for positive and funny situations. Can't wait to see him on the court and get to know more about this future Philadelphia 76ers star in the making.


Malik Charlton is a self-described  "Weird dude with no special talent, just a lot of goals and crazy ambitions!" Malik is a 2013 graduate from Community College of Philadelphia, a poet and sports writer who also writes for the blog "The Sports Leek!" at the website ru-crazy.com. You can find him on Instagram  and on Twitter @weirdo_leek




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Photo: Bleacherreport.com