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With the rapidly rising popularity of technology being incorporated into our everyday lives, it comes to no surprise that technology, especially in the form of YouTube videos, are some of the best ways for your company to display its strengths, while further bolstering its reputation in the process.


Music to my Ears

It's official: the average human's attention span is now scientifically proven to be shorter than that of a goldfish's. On average, most companies have about 8 seconds to gain the viewer's interest. In order to be successful, most companies tend to mix in a little bit of music towards the beginning of their YouTube videos. The sheer diversity of music allows it to be incorporated into a variety of other methods, which will be covered later.

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A Laughing Success

Humans seek instant gratification, it's just in our nature. With the breakneck speed of today's technology, people have evolved to want things NOW. This drive has evolved in us being attracted to what we view as the most entertaining.


Every business YouTube video is recommended to have at least a couple seconds of humor. This is to not only gain attention, but also lighten the mood and prevent the viewer from automatically zoning out, as the video begins to talk about your company's more important aspects and strengths. GEICO, a car insurance company, became one of the most well known car insurance companies due to the incorporation of crackpot comedy into their commercials.



Caption Please!

We all make mistakes, and it's perfectly fine. But what happens if your video completely forgot to mention one of your company's best qualities, or some other vital information? Instead of going through the breakneck process of making an entirely different video, just at captions. Fortunately, various

 captioning services are at your disposal to broadcast that important company message. With many of these services being paid by the minute, it might explain why most company commercials cram in a profusion of information in only a few seconds.


Quality Control Leads to More Clients

In the world of YouTube business videos, quality equals quantity. If the quality of your business videos aren't up to standards for the typical viewer, then this effectively slices out a wide margin or potential customers. When making a video, don't just take it on the fly, prepare the script, scenery, and everything else in advance. Furthermore, shelling out a few extra dollars for quality gear, such as a high tech video camera, is definitely an investment that will pay off in the long run. To put a perspective on how traumatic a sloppy video can be for a company, take a look at this poorly made video game trailer. Yikes! As a further insult, it was rated by numerous critic websites as one of the worst video game trailers ever created, with the company now nearly out of business.


Put It Where It Matters

While it's a nearly flawless idea to add humor or music to quickly attract the viewer's attention, on fatal flaw of many companies is to put their company name and contact information at the very end of their videos. Going back to our rapidly diminishing attention spans, It make more sense to put the the company name or logo towards the beginning of the video, then adding the logo or name at the end as well, followed by the contact information. Since humans are attracted to new and memorable events, companies can utilize this to their advantage while making a YouTube video. Seeing a new logo might spark further curiosity and a longer attention span, while companies, such as GEICO, have their commercials watched for the sheer comedy.



Precise, polished equipment, humor, music, company information placement; There certainly are quite a few components to making the perfect YouTube Business video. While there is no formula for the "perfect" video, these are some of the main ingredients to make your company succeed.



Greg Dastrup is a world traveler and professional writer with a passion for learning new languages. He’s spent most of his career consulting for businesses in North America.


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Photo: YouTube.com