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The internet has become a great way for people to promote themselves online. However, if you're going to promote yourself online, you want to do it in the most professional way.  


Here are some tips to help you reach more people online.



Create Videos

You are probably already posting articles. Are you also posting videos? Some people like to read articles, and some people like to watch videos. Some people like both. If you add videos to your website and social media pages, the additional media option can reach more people. At the same time, you don't want to alienate anybody. Therefore, be sure to have subtitling services add closed captions to your videos to prevent excluding deaf people.


Create QUALITY Content


Did you know that there are roughly 27 million pieces of content uploaded onto the internet every single day? That's a lot of content out there! Every day! So, you need to make sure that yours is as good as it can be. Write articles on trending topics and make the articles visually appealing to your clients. All articles should include graphics, pictures, or both. My best advise is to find one writer that you mesh with and hire them on contract to write for you regularly. Always quality check to make sure that the articles are up to par. Do not be afraid to be funny- no matter what your field is. People read articles that they find interesting, funny, or sexy.



Analyze the numbers and adjust accordingly


You can always analyze the numbers. You can see which articles get the most hits and which ones your clients don't seem to be interested in. You can also follow trends. Try to post at times when you know that the most people are looking at your pages. And if a certain article topic seems to be getting attention, try to write on the same topic in a different way.


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Utilize social media


If you're not already using social media to promote your business, that's a mistake. Almost everyone is on social media today. In fact, most people get notifications from social media straight to their phone. The main social media sites to use are Facebook and Twitter. If you work in a photogenic field, you may also want to sign your business up for Instagram, too. Google+ is extremely important, because it will help put your business on Google's map when searched.




The best way to get people to like you or be your friend on social media or to visit your website is to give them something. Put a coupon exclusively on your website and make them join your newsletter to get it. You can do similar things with social media. Now that you've got them, be sure to post interesting content and put up some promotions from time to time.


Don't over-do it


Being overzealous can actually hurt you if you're looking to reach out to people online. Instead of useful content, it could start to come off as spam. Keep social meeting postings to about 2 - 3 a day. A newsletter should be about once a month.



Hire a professional


One of the biggest reasons to hire a professional is that you have better things to do. Sure, you could learn how to resize an image that you want to put on your website, and you can write an article that applies to your field. If you are doing that, who is doing your job, then? Hire a professional. It's best to find someone who can handle as much of the responsibility as possible. Be very clear about your needs and check the work regularly to ensure that you are satisfied.


Online marketing can bring a business to a completely different level. If it's used properly. Follow these tips to see what a difference it can make.


Lee Flynn is from the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City, UT. After Lee spent years preparing himself, his home and his family, he decided he had to do more. In his free time, Lee helps educate those who want to do the same. Through small local workshops and articles, Lee trains and teaches others on home preparation, food storage techniques, wilderness survival and self reliance. After obtaining a bachelors degree from the University of Utah, Lee moved to the Salt Lake Valley where he now lives with his wife and daughter.

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