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While Philadelphia’s not particularly known for having a temperate winter climate, spring is just around the corner. That being the case, our minds are starting to wander to the outdoors, figuring out how to capitalize on the warmer weather. Many homeowners are investing in turning the exteriors of their homes into welcoming places where they can relax and enjoy the outdoors. Current Outdoor Trends to Keep an Eye On

Meanwhile, those who are planning to sell their homes in the upcoming busy real estate season are looking for outdoor improvements they can make to boost their curb appeal and attract buyers. Here are just a few that we have seen growing in popularity recently:

Fire Pits

Sitting around a warm fire is an appealing thought even this early in the season, because it grants a chance to enjoy the outdoors while still staving off the extreme cold. Installing a permanent fire pit provides an excellent place for friends and family to gather and enjoy each other’s company, whether staving off the last chills of winter or breathing in the cool air of a summer night. Some may prefer to run a gas line out to fuel the fire, while others will prefer the old fashioned method and build a simple, walled-off area to build a wood fire.

Unique Front Doors

While curb appeal is always important, front doors are trending lately. When someone drives up to a home, a boldly colored door with a unique design can make a big impact. Strong jewel tones are particularly popular. Painting the door a different color than the shutters and siding can set it apart and give a burst of color to your entryway.

Using a Wide Range of Greenery

While a perfectly-cut lawn with every blade of grass cut to a uniform height may have been popular in the past, the current trend is to use a variety of greenery in your lawn. Different textures make your lawn and garden more interesting. Bounding shrubberies can divide your garden into distinct sections, and border plants like lilyturf make your growing areas feel more alive. Choosing the proper landscaping for your home can boost its value, too. According to lawn care experts at Lawn Doctor, a well-maintained landscape can give your home value a bonus of as much as 15 percent.

Landscape Lighting

Of course, once you’ve built that landscape, you want to be able to show it off as much as possible. By installing landscape lighting, you can highlight particular areas of your yard. Experts are calling this popular trend “nightscaping.” Look for specific areas you want to focus on, then put the lights at just the right angle to show off your yard’s best features.

That “Hygge” Feeling

The word “hygge” refers to a concept from Denmark. Hygge emphasizes a cozy and simple environment. Place seating close together to encourage intimate conversation. Plant sweet-smelling flowers nearby. The concept of mindfulness goes hand-in-hand with hygge, promoting meditation, deep thought, and relaxation. Create a cozy, distinct space for reflection or close-knit socialization. Water features are popular additions for these spaces, as they add to a more natural atmosphere. These outdoor havens are inviting places where people can set aside the cares of the world and take a few moments to breathe and recover.

Quality Over Flash

Back before the recession, the popular trend was over-the-top displays of excess. Flashy displays that showed you could afford to overspend were in vogue. These days, a bit more discretion is appreciated. Rather than focusing on quantity and bling, homeowners are leaning towards quality. Durable, natural materials show a more refined taste and an ability to look beyond just a shiny exterior. It is more desirable these days to appreciate the natural beauty that already exists in the materials used. Rough-cut cedar posts and natural stone are more appealing than over-processed, synthetic-looking versions of the same materials.

Greg Dastrup is a world traveler and professional writer with a passion for learning new languages. He’s spent most of his career consulting for businesses in North America.


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