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Venture capital is a risky business. Few would argue that putting money into startups or funneling money into private enterprises comes with any guarantees. Yet, billions of dollars flow annually into the global venture capital industry.


Why would anyone wish to put personal or business funds into a venture capital investment? The potential to draw a tremendous return on investment motivates the risk taking. Gaining better returns than what would be the case in the bond market or stock market serves moves money in venture How Cloudamize Yielded 52% a Year for Local Philadelphia Investorscapitalists’ direction.


Some investors have made huge profits directing money into venture capital. In Philadelphia, there exists one of the greatest storybook examples of achieving a fantastic return on investment.


The Philadelphia Story


A recent purchase of the company Cloudamize led to investors receiving an astounding 52% return. To say that is a rare number would be an incredible understatement. Few investors ever come close to 10% much less 52%. The investors in Philadelphia joined the exclusive club of successful venture capitalists. In fact, they are now basking in significant media attention thanks. Hopefully, their good fortune will continue and the annual returns will also prove to be stellar ones.


The United Kingdom-based company Cloudreach made the purchase, which took profits over the top. A common exit strategy for many businesses is to boost value tremendously and then sell. Cloudamize has not been fully sold, but the sale of controlling interest was more than enough to give investors what they sought. 52% is likely far more than they ever believed possible.


Even the smartest minds in the financial world wouldn't believe a 52% return would be possible. Yet, the figure is accurate and investors have the net worth to prove it.


What Service Is Offered?


Cloudamize provides a service that many people find incredibly valuable. The company focuses on cloud infrastructure analytics. And you need to make sure you get the best training consultants in the industry because even the best find it challenging to explain all the intricacies of this type of work.


The company produces a software program designed to arrive at the analytical reports. The well-crafted analytics tell clients everything they need to know to migrate and manage a cloud infrastructure. This, in turn, should hopefully make running the cloud infrastructure much easier.


Businesses long discovered the vital importance of a cloud infrastructure system. The benefits of a cloud system are enormous. The lack of constructing a physical infrastructure on the business' premises would be among the most obvious positives. The cost of creating and managing an infrastructure can be enormous. With the arrival of cloud infrastructures, doing so has become unnecessary.


Security concerns weigh heavily on the minds of business owners whose companies require a network infrastructure. Cloud-based systems may contain far better security and protections than would be the case with a physical one. Anything that improves security remains a net positive.


Of course, a lot of effort must go into the management of an infrastructure. A lot of the work is turned over to the cloud host. The client is not completely absolved of duties. Through utilizing an effective analytics software program, the client’s duties become easier to manage. Cloudamize seems to deliver on expectations for those clients relying on it.


No Easy Investment Opportunities


That 52% number really does capture attention. People invest money in order to make more of it. 52% absolutely reflects a generous return and should motivate people to look closer at venture capital. Would-be investors, however, do need to look at venture capital investments with their eyes wide open. In other words, don't assume all investments ventures are likely to be this wildly successful.



Lee Flynn is from the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City, UT. After Lee spent years preparing himself, his home and his family, he decided he had to do more. In his free time, Lee helps educate those who want to do the same. Through small local workshops and articles, Lee trains and teaches others on home preparation, food storage techniques, wilderness survival and self reliance. After obtaining a bachelors degree from the University of Utah, Lee moved to the Salt Lake Valley where he now lives with his wife and daughter.


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