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It's impossible to be "motivated" by something external. As the old adage says, "People have to motivate themselves." The whole point of motivation is that it comes from within. In the matter of business, it's about finding a way to get people on-board with your vision. This is why you must tap into your employees' goals to uncover what motivates them. Consider the ways mentioned here that you can motivate your employees.

Unlock Business Potential by Increasing Employee Motivation

Don't Slow Employees Down

Employees want to feel good about the place they work. Employees need a workplace that supports a good service, product or vision. In addition, employees need up-to-date resources that make their jobs efficient. No one wants to work with outdated hardware and software because it slows them down. It's stressful when a computer or something else won't work properly. For instance, a GPU database can respond so much quicker than a CPU. In matters of business, profits decrease when the business cannot keep up with their competitors. In addition, it takes an employee an average 15 minutes after being distracted to return to a task. By keeping up to date with efficient software and hardware, employees remain more productive throughout the day.



Employers need to get their employees engaged with meetings. Allow employees to be a part of the process. Regular meetings with regular requests for feedback gets employees involved with sharing their ideas. When there is a snag or something else that needs to be resolved, get everyone's idea. People are more likely to see a project through if their ideas are a part of the process. That is, after all, the art of persuasion: showing someone how your vision benefits them so that they naturally get on-board.


Ditch Office Politics

Office politics divide an office and create a sense of hostility in some of the employees. This drastically reduces productivity as what inevitably happens is that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. It's important to have work outings that focus on getting everyone involved. If there are issues, they need to be addressed immediately to let everyone know that mistreatment won't be tolerated. Fire rogue employees who are unwilling to work out differences.


Make Work Fun

If employees are trudging along, they're not having enough fun. It's time to change that. Allow employees to listen to music with earbuds. Decorate the office in a pleasing way. Take employees out for bowling or to play baseball. When everyone has fun together outside of work, they begin to bond. This creates a better team that is focused on everyone meeting their goals instead of individual goals. It also helps to create a more relaxed atmosphere, so stress is decreased.


Provide Incentives

Virtually everyone likes money and rewards. Giving employees money and rewards can help them to focus on smaller goals that lead up to bigger goals. It also provides a way for employees to have additional fun. When money is on the line, employees strive harder to meet their goals. Create games made out of goals, like a board game. Provide small incentives for progressing each space, and provide a larger jackpot amount for the winner. If this could potentially divide the office, arrange everyone into teams, and provide rewards for each team, so everyone wins.


 Creating a positive work environment where everyone is participating in achieving the company's vision isn't difficult. You just have to consider what employees like, and customize the workplace to meet those needs. The rest will naturally fall into place.


Brett Clawson is a business owner and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience. In his free time, he enjoys writing and learning about emerging business trends.

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