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The supply chain is one of the aspects of business that gives people a headache. There are so many moving parts and you need to be able to fit them together in order to benefit your business in the right way. However, it doesn't need to be difficult. If you use sound strategies you can enjoy a better supply chain that is more efficient and product and lets you cut costs:Photo: wisegeek.com



There are various moving parts and assembly processes to be done in manufacturing and supply chain, such as print apply. However, if left to be done manually by people and their hands, there is a lot of slowing down that can occur. This is problematic for any business that needs to move fast. If you find yourself in this position, have faith and confidence by understanding the strides that robotics has taken in recent years.

Now robots can do entire processes in the supply chain. They can print, they can transfer, they can ship, discard, and even drive the product to the end location. This move toward automation in the form of robotics and AI is something that you should be investing in to make your company more efficient by the day.

Tech Mastery

When it comes to supply chain management, embracing technology is the key. When you have a grasp of what it can do for you, you'll never want to go back. So put the keys above into place in your company. That way, your costs will go down, your speed will go up, and so will your profits.

Business Model Redesign

If you find your production schedule running behind or certain key initiatives not being met, then it might be time to rethink your plan. While it can seem daunting to change a business plan once you already have everything up and running, it is often the best bet if you want to be more efficient. It is probable that there are parts of your supply chain that are taken for granted. Perhaps over the years a particular person was permitted to do something that was not efficient, and now that has turned into a habit.

The only way to gain efficiency is to strip out your old supply chain business model and redesign it from the ground up. In order to do this, you must ask yourself many important questions. One such question is: what are you looking to gain with your supply chain? What creates the profit and what takes it away? Knowing this will give you powerful insights in taking your business model to the next level.

People Problems

Even if the supply chain deals largely with machines and products, the people involved are still the most important part. Don't assume people are lazy. Often times, someone just needs a little motivation in the form of a work incentive in order to get going. See what kind of offers you can make in the form of vacations and other incentives to have workers see the bigger picture and work longer and harder.


You don't need to worry where each piece of inventory is en route. You can actually log into your smartphone and track everything live today. Once a unit has been loaded into a truck, you can see moment by moment where it is headed. Not only can this help you adjust your cash flows based on deliveries, it also holds the company accountable who is supposed to be bringing your products to the right location at every moment.

When it comes to supply chains, it is one of the most difficult parts of business to master. After all, there are a lot of moving parts. You need to be adept at assessing situations and seeing what the best options are. But with some practice, it is possible to make your supply chain serve your business rather than the other way around.

James Ponds graduated with a MBA with an emphasis in marketing. In his freetime, he continues to study the current marketing/business trends, and enjoys golfing or boating on the weekend with his wife and kids. 

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