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If you are looking for a new job, there is a very high possibility that you have come in contact with a recruiter. The recruiters are meant to help you find a suitable job and improve your skills. You need to understand what recruiters do, and how they do it. In this article, you will learn what you need to keep in mind when dealing with a recruiter.

1. Play your cards right Photo: Karmelsoft.com


Landing your dream job through a recruiter is possible. A good recruiter can be an asset to you, but keep in mind that he or she does not work for you. A recruiter works for the company that needs to fill a specific position. Do not confuse your recruiter with your career confidante since that can make you miss the chance of getting employed.


Recruiters have expectations from potential employees, but they do not say them out loud. It is up to you to understand what a recruiter expects from you and do it right. If you are in the hospitality industry, make a point of checking out any Hospitality Executive Search Firm and understand everything they look for when recruiting. Prior research is crucial to meeting a recruiter.

2. Do not call a recruiter, he should call you

Unless you know a recruiter personally, never make the blunder of calling them. Use email as the first contact, and make sure it is clear enough with an attached resume. By doing this, you make it easy for the recruiter to understand who you are and why they should give you feedback. A recruiter might receive hundreds of emails from job seekers in a day; therefore, you need to ensure your stands out.

3. Clean up your act

Before you send a recruiter an email, ensure they are in the same field as the one you are interested in. If you are not confident with your resume, contact a professional to make you a great resume. A good C.V should be able to state all your qualifications, experience, what you are looking for, and what you have to offer. Keep in mind that so many people are looking for jobs. When sending a recruiter an email, be very specific about the position you are looking for in a particular company.

4. Maintain a professional social media presence

Recruiters will not be able to find you if your resume is not online. When recruiters carry out Google searches on candidates, the profiles on LinkedIn appear on top of the list. It is your responsibility to make sure that your LinkedIn profile has your professional picture and updated information. You never know when a recruiter will decide to look at your profile, meaning you always have to be ready. On the other hand, be very careful who you interact with on the internet. Top recruiters interview people who are in your LinkedIn network with the intention of learning about your performance and style of work. If your other social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not professional, do not link them to LinkedIn.

5. Work with multiple recruiters

A recruiter might take between three to six months to help a company fill in an executive post. Even if you are working with a particular recruiter on a specific lead on a job, reach out to as many recruiters as you can. The advantage of doing that is spreading your chances of landing your dream job. The more the recruiters you interact with, the more your chances of getting more job openings.


In the end, a recruiter wants everyone to get a job. Therefore, it is your responsibility to stand out from all the other people you are competing with for a job opening. Follow the tips in this article if you want to win over all the recruiters you come across. All the best in your quest of looking for your dream job.

James Ponds graduated with a MBA with an emphasis in marketing. In his freetime, he continues to study the current marketing/business trends, and enjoys golfing or boating on the weekend with his wife and kids.  

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Photo: Karmelsoft.com