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The World Cup is an international sensation every time it rolls around. It is the biggest event in the biggest and most popular sport in the world. It is a huge deal every time. The thing that smart business owners realize is that it is also a great opportunity to market to potential customers. Those who are smart with their marketing ideas and dollars during this special season can really expand their customer base in a significant way. Photo: News.com.au

It Is Not Just For Large Companies

Some of the largest companies in America are indeed using the World Cup as a way to promote themselves and their brands even farther than they already have. However, the World Cup is not just for mega-sized brands to get their message out. Rather, there are plenty of small companies which also may benefit from plastering their name out there while the big game is going on.


 It is pretty obvious that a smaller company has to do things a bit differently than a big one due to budgetary restraints. Still, it is not out of the question that a small company could actually come out as the big winner of the World Cup if they are clever in their marketing.

Reward Employees Who Come Up With Great Ideas

Your employees deserve credit when they come up with great ideas. Employee recognition companies may be able to help you come up with creative ways to reward employees who come up with interesting marketing ideas for the World Cup event. You might be surprised by some of the creative ideas that are right there at the surface. Your employees may very well have the Golden Ticket as it were to advertising successfully during the World Cup.


The payoff that you reward an employee with may be nothing in comparison to how successful their idea ends up being for your business. Weighing things out like this helps to put them more into prospective. You just might have to figure out how you are going to reward the employee who really helps you bring it home with your advertising.

Be Careful How You Market

There have been some truly awful advertising campaigns that have been cooked up by large companies. MasterCard is one example of this as they were shown to have made a huge mistake when they tried a marketing gimmick in which they pledged to feed ten-thousand children every time a few particular All-Star players scored a goal during the World Cup.


That sounds nice until you think about it from a different perspective. It felt as if they were dangling the food above the heads of starving children based on the results of a soccer match. It did not make for a good image, and it opened them up to a lot of criticism. You can imagine that whomever came up with that idea was likely fired shortly thereafter.


 All of this is to say that you have to be careful when you advertise around such a huge event. Don't think that you can just slice and dice up any random idea and then run with it. You have to have a lot of intention and purpose to what you are doing. If you fail to do that, then you are just going to end up with a lot of angry people calling for your head.

Get Into The Spirit Of Things

Probably the best way to show people that you are serious about the World Cup is just to get into the spirit of things. This means doing things like engaging on the social media hashtags about the matches and perhaps even incorporating a soccer theme to your website. You can come up with the ideas, but you should make sure they show people that you are serious about wanting to be a part of this whole World Cup obsession.

Dawn Castell is a budding entrepreneur. After graduating with her MBA, she spent a few years working in the CPG industry and a few more working in the business tech industry before she set off to start her own business. She has been consulting with businesses, large and small, on the side ever since.

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Photo: News.com.au