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Your employees can make or break your business, and that is why you need to spend quite a bit of time on the hiring process. Attracting high-quality employees to your business requires much more than competitive wages. Young professionals want a positive work environment, great benefits, and flexibility. They also want to believe in the products and services that they are selling. Here is a closer look at some steps that business owners can take to find and hire the best employees in the Philadelphia area.

How To Attract High-Quality Employees In Philadelphia

Do Some Research on Salaries

Establishing a fair salary range is more complicated than most business owners realize, and that is one of the reasons why so many struggle to find decent candidates. Instead of basing the pay off your own budget, you should do a little bit of research on the position itself. One of the easiest ways to research a position is to look at local job boards. Once you know what other businesses are willing to pay, you can then set a salary range for your open position.

Offer Unique Perks

In addition to traditional work benefits, you might also want to consider offering unique employee benefits and perks. One of those perks might be allowing your employees to set their own hours within reason. Allowing your employees to come in at 11 a.m. and leave at 7 p.m. could help them avoid rush hour traffic. Some of your employees might also enjoy working from home a few days a week. Those unique benefits won’t cost your company that much money (or any at all), and they will be great bargaining chips when it comes time to negotiate wages.

Emphasize the Company’s Location

Philadelphia is an excellent place to live, and you should try to emphasize all of its best qualities. Candidates from the other side of the country might not realize just how much Philadelphia has to offer. You might want to advertise nearby hiking spots, ski resorts, or high-end restaurants. Most employees are very concerned about their quality of life, and that means their wages aren’t the only thing that you should be advertising. For long-term positions, your job listings should include the state of the housing market as well. Before accepting a position, most candidates will do some research to see if they can afford the move.

Utilize Incentive Programs

Your candidates will be more likely to accept your offers if they have something to look forward to. Contrary to what many business owners believe, incentives don’t necessarily need to be cash bonuses or gift cards. Small gestures, such as offering employees an extra day off at the end of the week for completing a project, can make a big difference. You can also offer in-office incentives like buying lunch after a big sale or giving a particularly efficient employee a better parking spot. Public recognition for a job well done is another simple and inexpensive way to motivate your employees and create a better work environment.

Promote Other Pursuits

Striking the perfect work-life balance is a major concern for most young professionals. When writing your job listings and interviewing candidates, you need to make it clear that you support your employees no matter what they are doing. Some candidates may want to go back to school at some point or start a small business on the side, and they might not accept an offer if they feel like they won’t be supported by their future employer. While pursuing other hobbies and freelance work, your employees are also going to learn invaluable skills that they can bring back to your company.


Even though hiring world-class employees will take a little extra time and energy, the results are going to be worth it. Every person that you hire should be thought of as an investment in your company’s future, and you want to be absolutely sure that each investment pays off.

Brett Clawson is a business owner and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience. In his free time, he enjoys writing and learning about emerging business trends.

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