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As summer winds down and the autumn winds kick in, many people have more than just dropping temperatures to worry about. With the cold comes dry and cracked skin. While you may think you’ll be able to get away with it wearing scarves and long sleeves, your body will thank you for taking care of it all year long. Here are five ways to help you avoid that seasonal dryness.Photo: blog.yankausa.com

Stay hydrated

Drinking water can be more difficult during the cold months when all you want is a warm cup of coffee or a pumpkin spice latte. But staying internally hydrated is the best thing that you can do for your skin. If drinking eight glasses of ice cold water a day doesn’t appeal to you, try flavoring it or adding foods like spinach and cucumbers to your diet. When it comes to fighting dry skin, the best offense is a good defense.


At the beginning of the new season, you should give your skin a nice and thorough exfoliation. Clear away the dead skin and allow your moisturizers to really get to the point. Avoid harsh, chemical-ridden exfoliants and opt, instead, for hydrating exfoliants that help moisturize your skin while clearing away what’s getting in the way.

Keep lotion with you

Get in the habit of having a good lotion with you at all times. Keep one in the car, in your purse, and on your bedside table. There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to moisturizing your skin. And make sure you use a well-respected, cream-based moisturizer like the Moisture Restore Intense Moisturizer from the Nu Skin Company. Nu Skin product reviews rave about the all natural moisturizer that can save your autumn skin.

Use a humidifier

Humidifiers aren’t just for children or those prone to seasonal allergies. Humidifiers have been shown to increase moisture in the air and decrease the amount of water lost from our skin during the night. During the colder months, when our bodies are working overtime to stay warm, we use up much more moisture than in the hot months. Keeping a humidifier on in your bedroom at night is such an easy thing to do for your skin, you could do it in your sleep.

Relieve stress

There is a reason that stress relief is such a hot topic right now: it affect everything. The higher your stress levels, the less water you are able to maintain throughout your body and, therefore, your skin. If you find yourself frequently anxious or worried, do what you can to relieve it. Join a gym, practice meditation, or commit to not biting off more than you can chew. A relaxed mind and soul translates to a healthier, more hydrated body.


Fall can be a wonderful season for family activities, beautiful sightseeing, and even romantic rendezvous. But don’t let the changing of the weather affect your skin. Follow these five tips to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best so that you can fully enjoy everything that this season has to offer.

Dawn Castell is a budding entrepreneur. After graduating with her MBA, she spent a few years working in the CPG industry and a few more working in the business tech industry before she set off to start her own business. She has been consulting with businesses, large and small, on the side ever since.

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Photo: blog.yankausa.com