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A business, just like an airplane has to be enhanced to ensure that it functions efficiently for consumers and owners. Unfortunately, most business owners don't take time to work on business inefficiencies, which come in an array of ways and they cost close to 35 percent of revenues every year. Every business needs to work on enhancing its efficiency so that it offers its clients the best services and products at an affordable price.

Want to Improve Your Business Efficiency? Check Out These Ideas

Access employee productivity

One of the critical areas you should start working on is the productivity of your employees. You need to be sure that your employees are at their maximum productivity so that you increase your business efficiency. Businesses that have several departments should ensure that they have supervisors to carry out a job performance review regularly. The supervisor should review each employee in all the departments and discuss with them ways of boosting productivity.


Building an open and transparent communication between the management and supervisors is essential if you want to have a common goal of increasing business efficiency.

Start with what isn't working

Before you change anything, you need to learn how to identify the inefficient processes. You can identify the inefficient areas on your own or with the help of an expert. Having identified the weak areas in your business, you need to come up with the causes so that you design better ways than the current ones of operating the business. The ability to enhance business efficiencies in the future largely depends on how fast you notice areas in the business that slow down operations.

Leverage technology

Close to 25 percent of businesses lose their competitors due to inefficiency in digital integration. You can increase your business efficiency by leveraging technology, from billing, marketing campaign management, bookkeeping to clients' relations. You can use technology to reduce the time spent in some processes and utilize it to increase productivity. Besides, bpm improves business and reduces communication breakdown, which is a leading cause of business inefficiency. Additionally, you can quickly generate and share reports with customers, suppliers or the management to ensure enhanced business efficiency.

Democratize market

Even the best aircrafts face challenges flying through storms. Fortunately, you cannot do much about the weather, but you can do everything about the market. Businesses can enhance their efficiencies by using democratized methods to make it easier for clients and employees to access information. Research shows that businesses that democratize their markets have a 30 percent possibility of retaining their customers and increasing revenues up by 55 percent.

Stick with the established process

A common mistake made by businesses is changing processes in the middle of an ongoing project. Avoid trying to cut corners with the aim of speeding up the process because you might miss something that will require to be fixed in the future, which cost time and money. However, that doesn't mean that you cannot change things, but not because you are behind schedule or without a plan. Also, you need proper communication with the full team before and after changing a project to be sure that it continues to run smoothly.

Listen to your customers

You need to listen to your customers even after examining their behavior because retaining customers is essential in increasing business efficiency. You can utilize customer relationship management software to enhance communications with clients and ensure customer satisfaction. Customer relationship management software is integral in tracking email responses and correspondence from clients, improving client information database, and using autoresponders to keep customers updated. Additionally, the software helps businesses to gain input from its customers through social media, which is essential in ensuring business efficiency.

Know your finances

Business efficiency is primarily affected by how well it manages its finances. You need to understand your financial position so that you can make smart business decisions. Also, it keeps you aware of strategic ways of optimum utilization of resources.


Brett Clawson is a business owner and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience. In his free time, he enjoys writing and learning about emerging business trends.

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