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From tiny startups to established companies, all businesses need good marketing strategies to promote themselves and reach new customers. The problem for many smaller businesses, though, is that traditional marketing can be an expensive proposition. The good news is that there are many inexpensive ways to market your business, including some that cost no money at all.


Here are some of the low-cost marketing strategies you can try if you think that marketing simply isn't within your company's budget. Photo: moneymouthmarketing.com

Use Targeted Ads on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best platforms for small business marketing. In large part, this is due to the fact that advertising on Facebook is extremely inexpensive. On average, 1,000 ad impressions on Facebook will cost you about $7.19, making it easy for even the smallest businesses to reach thousands of people with every ad campaign they run. At the same time, Facebook's ad targeting system allows you to very narrowly target your ads to your ideal customer base, making it more likely that you will see a high conversion rate.

Make YouTube Videos

Although Facebook is inexpensive, YouTube is an essentially free way to market your business. By making even simple videos using your phone's camera, you can create content that will bring in viewers and give you an opportunity to introduce your business. To utilize YouTube as a marketing platform, you'll need to make interesting or entertaining videos having to do with your business niche. Try to stay away from simply making commercials, as these won't engage your viewers. It's better to provide useful information throughout your video, then bring up your business briefly at the end. If you offered credit repair services, for instance, you might create videos giving actionable advice about how people can improve their credit, then mention your company as a fast track to achieving results as the video is concluding.

Capture Emails from Your Site's Visitors

Email marketing can be one of the most successful promotional channels for your business. By capturing emails from visitors to your site, you can connect with them over and over again and gain several opportunities to turn them into paying customers. To capture more emails, you can offer savings or free informational products to people who sign up to receive emails from you. Free guides and ebooks can be excellent incentives for people to sign up to email lists. By building an email list, you can easily and inexpensively capitalize on the people who are already coming to your site.

Improve Your SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential for any business that sells its products or services online. SEO can help your website rank higher for specific search terms on Google, Bing and other search engines. By optimizing pages on your site to rank for different search terms, you can increase the number of people who will find your business organically through search engines. SEO is inexpensive, especially if you learn to optimize pages yourself. Even if you have to pay for SEO services, though, you're still making a good investment, as better SEO will result in a steady stream of increased site traffic.

These are just a few of the ways to increase the exposure of your business if you're on a budget. Even if you can only allocate a small amount of money to marketing, it's important to use all the tools you have at your disposal to promote your business and gain new customers. As your business expands, you'll find that you are able to put more resources into your marketing strategy, producing a cycle of gradual but continuous growth. For beginners and very small businesses, though, these methods can make marketing accessible without incurring too much financial risk.


Dawn Castell is a budding entrepreneur. After graduating with her MBA, she spent a few years working in the CPG industry and a few more working in the business tech industry before she set off to start her own business. She has been consulting with businesses, large and small, on the side ever since.

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Photo: moneymouthmarketing.com